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Pest control innovations

Since our humble beginning over 95 years ago, research, science and innovation have been at the forefront of Rentokil. We’re always advancing our technological solutions. Our Global Research and Development Centre is at the heart of our cutting-edge innovations such as thermal imaging surveys, intelligent bait stations, electronic and remote monitoring and AI-driven sensing technology that use the latest technology to produce the most effective solutions. This allows for quicker and more effective identification of deep-rooted pest infestations otherwise invisible to the naked eye, 24/7 remote monitoring of premises for pest activity and myriad other benefits.

Discover how Rentokil are using consumer drive technology like drones to help improve the accuracy and precision of pest management.

From cutting edge DNA analysis to AI cameras, discover the latest sustainable techniques for preventing pest infestations.

Find out how pest control has evolved from the use of electricity to the application of electronics, discover the latest innovations in pest management.

Find out how Rentokil is leading the way in developing pest control innovations to keep your business protected.

Learn how Rentokil is using innovation to help control mosquitoes and the risks they pose in Brazil.

Learn more about how weather mapping can help identify conditions before they lead to a rodent infestation.

Hear our experts discuss the exciting innovations in AI and camera technology to tackle pest control and how this can benefit your business.

Why are insects attracted to light?

It doesn’t take a pest control professional to know that insects are attracted to light. Just think of all those times you’ve seen moths and other insects frantically flying into or around light fixtures when it’s dark out.

Discover how PestConnect can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals with effective strategies from reducing chemical usage to promoting eco-friendly practices.

Discover the top 8 frequently asked questions and gain valuable insights into why you should take your pest control online.

5 ways pest control can support your sustainability agenda

With our industry-leading innovations in sustainable pest control, we can help your business stay protected and achieve your sustainability goals.

5 reasons why your business should take pest control online

Learn how your business can take advantage of digital pest control management - the effective, sustainable , cost-efficient approach to proactive pest control.

Pest control technology - Monitoring hotels for unwanted pests

Utilising the Internet of Things, Rentokil has developed the latest in pest control technology to support hotels monitor potential pest infestations.

Shining a new light on rodent infestations

Rentokil has developed a new, unique tool to help assess the extent of rodent infestations. The Fluorescent Tracking Gel is a specially formulated non-toxic fluorescent gel that highlights rodent tracks

ConeStop: Stopping rats and mice in their tracks

A new innovative pest management solution from Rentokil builds on an old idea but addresses an important gap in protecting businesses from rodents.

Four reasons why Lumnia should be the sustainable fly control solution for your business

A fly infestation can spell disaster – they’re one of the most likely insects to cause damage and disruption to a business. There are, astonishingly, 120,000 species...

Why LEDs make a better insect light trap

Flies and other flying insects are a threat to businesses that need contamination-free environments, such as those handling food or pharmaceuticals.

The effects of climate change on urban pests

Many pest species are becoming more of a threat because of climate change, extending their range and bringing diseases to new areas.

Hygiene risk from flies greater than previously thought

A recent study examined the risk of house flies and blow flies and discovered that they spread more diseases carrying pathogens than we previously thought.

Counting flies to ensure effective fly control

Whilst counting sheep might not be very useful in helping you fall asleep, it appears that counting flies fulfills a very important purpose.

How the Internet of Things is changing the face of the food supply chain

Discover how the Internet of Things is changing the face of the food supply chain and how your business could leverage the benefits to improve food safety.

How IoT technology is revolutionising pest control to improve food safety

Discover how the latest in IoT technology is providing superior digital pest control solutions to help improve food safety.

How data and actionable insight is changing pest control to improve food safety

Discover how the use of data and actionable insight is helping to provide superior pest control solutions to support the supply chain improve food safety.

The major drivers influencing the future of pest control

From climate change to improving sustainability, there are a wealth of factors influencing the future of pest control for the better.

How to tackle stored product insects with expertise and data insights

SPIs (stored product insects) are the most costly pests to food businesses. Discover how you can use data and insights to mitigate the risk of these pests.

Four reasons why Lumnia should be the sustainable fly control solution for your business

With Lumnia commercial fly control, your organisation can create its own sustainability success story and take advantage of energy savings and waste reduction benefits - and many more.