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Global account management

Comprehensive pest solutions for multinational businesses

Our Global Account Management team serves as your single point of contact to ensure you maintain complete control over your estate.

At Rentokil Initial, we have extensive experience in supporting customers worldwide with our pest control, hygiene services, and well-being solutions. Our global coverage ensures that no matter where your business operates, we can provide the support you need. From multinational corporations to small businesses, we understand the diverse needs of our customers and tailor our approach accordingly. Working with many of the world’s largest multinational companies, our reputation is built on trust, a deep understanding of business sector needs and the ability to resolve the most challenging pest control issues.

Trusted by multinational businesses

With a proven track record, Rentokil is trusted by the largest multinational businesses around the world. Our consistent approach to customer sites, combined with our ability to tailor solutions to individual needs, sets us apart from the competition. We are proud to offer value-based services and solutions that go beyond traditional pest control, hygiene services, and well-being. When you partner with us, you can be confident that you are working with a trusted industry leader.

Upholding compliance and industry standards

Rentokil has long-standing working partnerships with local and international industry and sector authorities such as the PPMA, GFSI, AIB and BRC Global Standards. We rigorously align with and actively contribute to upholding local and international regulations and food safety standards, ensuring that businesses remain compliant and well-informed of the evolving legislative landscape. By collaboratively navigating the intricacies of compliance, we empower businesses to anticipate and adapt to regulatory shifts, ensuring compliance is met, and local laws are adhered to.

Innovation and global reach for comprehensive protection

Leveraging the power of our Global Research and Development Centre, Rentokil is at the forefront of deploying safer, sustainable, and non-toxic pest control innovations. Our extensive network of over 19,000 qualified technicians in more than 90 countries ensures a harmonised, effective pest control strategy across all your business locations. This worldwide coverage, paired with our commitment to innovation, like the PestConnect system and the myRentokil customer portal, offers your business not just protection but a strategic advantage in pest management.

Customised solutions and commercial value

Rentokil’s approach to pest control combines the best of both worlds: a consistent delivery framework that can be customised to meet the unique needs of each site, backed by a digital infrastructure for real-time insights and transparent communication. Our commitment to providing exceptional commercial value extends beyond pest management, focusing on sustainable, cost-effective solutions that protect your business and enhance operational efficiency. With Rentokil Global Account Management, you gain more than a service provider, you gain a partner dedicated to protecting your interests and enhancing your commercial operations through innovation, effective pest control and hygiene solutions.

What we offer

Our Global Account Management team is committed to delivering a comprehensive and streamlined service experience, tailored to meet the unique needs of our multinational customers. Through this service cycle, we ensure a smooth transition, consistent service delivery, and continuous improvement across all levels of operation.

Our approach not only fosters robust global partnerships but offers unparalleled customer support and service efficiency, keeping our customers informed, in control, and ahead in their respective industries.

Partnership and transition support

We start with a comprehensive consultation to understand your global and local needs, objectives, and current service setup.

Seamless transition planning: If you have an existing service provider, we work with you to develop a customised transition strategy that ensures minimal disruption to your operations.

Consistent, local service delivery

We provide local team support and coordination for consistent service delivery that aligns with global standards and local regulations.

You will be assigned with a dedicated Global Account Manager who will be your primary point of contact, overseeing all aspects of service delivery and resolving any issues promptly.

Performance management and continuous improvement

Quarterly reporting and KPI management: You will receive detailed quarterly reviews to assess service performance against KPIs.

Feedback loop and service optimisation: We continuously refine and enhance service delivery, evolving in alignment with your changing needs, market trends, and operational goals.

It’s what Rentokil brings to the table. It’s what they bring in terms of their partnering and technology. We could have anybody come in and do the cross checking but it’s after the event. It’s about getting the alerts immediately, so we can act immediately.

Bill Polidano, Quality Assurance Lead, Mondelēz, Pacific

Tailored expertise for diverse sector challenges

Rentokil recognises the distinct challenges inherent to diverse sectors, allowing us to develop leading pest control solutions and strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our comprehensive approach is designed to safeguard your team, infrastructure, inventory, and brand reputation.

Request a pest risk assessment for your business

Rentokil's free site survey brings pest experts directly to you. Our certified surveyor will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your sites to assess existing pest problems and potential risks specific to your business environment

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rentokil ensure a seamless transition from my current pest control provider?

Rentokil prioritises a smooth transition process. We start with a thorough assessment of your current pest control measures, followed by a tailored plan to switch services without disrupting your operations. Our experienced teams handle all aspects of the transition, ensuring a hassle-free switch with continuous pest control protection throughout.

Can Rentokil provide pest control services with multiple international locations?

Absolutely. Rentokil operates in over 90 countries, with a network of 19,000+ qualified technicians. We offer unified pest control programs that ensure consistent service quality across all your international locations, managed through a single point of contact for ease and efficiency.

How does Rentokil’s digital innovation in pest control benefit my business?

Our digital pest control innovations, like PestConnect rodent control and myRentokil customer portal, offer advanced pest control solutions. These tools provide 24/7 monitoring, immediate alerts, and real-time, multi-site reporting. This technology helps in anticipating and addressing pest risks efficiently, thus reducing the likelihood of pest infestations and ensuring the safety and hygiene of your premises.

Pest proofing solutions

Boost your defences by sealing entry points and eliminating attractions to keep pests at bay - a must-have service for any commercial building.

Elevate your pest management with remote monitoring, compliance reports, and risk mapping for smarter, hassle-free pest control.