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Pest proofing and prevention solutions

Pest proofing is the process of preventing infestations by sealing all entry points that pests could use to get onto your premises.

Rodents can gain entry to buildings by taking advantage of structural gaps from drains to doors, windows, pipework and cables, vents and poorly fitted panels and roofing material.

Once inside your building, rodents can pose a significant risk to your business. They carry a wide range of diseases, can physically contaminate stock, damage building infrastructure and can ultimately have a negative impact on your business’ reputation.

Rentokil can help keep your business free from infestations by implementing preventative practices and suitable proofing solutions to block entry routes.

We have over 95 years of experience studying pest behaviour to provide customers with innovative control solutions. We’ve developed the most effective pest proofing methods and materials to safeguard businesses from rodents and other pests at our Global Research and Development Centre.

Entry prevention

Rentokil will fill gaps with rodent-resistant materials, ensure doors are rodent-proofed with bristle strips and further prevent entry via loading areas or roller doors with specially designed barriers.

Damage reduction

Effective pest proofing eliminates damage caused by rodents and other pests from gnawing pipes, cables and doors, damage from droppings, nesting materials and food contamination.

Cost reduction

Pre-emptive proofing will future-proof against the potentially high cost of eradication and damage repair. Preventative measures will also mitigate reputational damage to reputation which can, in turn, result in loss of trust and revenue.

Why pest proof your building?

Our expert technicians are specially trained and understand how to target pest species, know exactly which holes to proof to block rodent entry, how to proof them and use a combination of best-in-class products to achieve effective proofing.

Benefits of pest proofing:

  • prevents infestations and, as a result, reduces the use of pesticides to control infestations and contributes to your sustainability goals.
  • protects your building from costly pest-related damage.
  • safeguards your reputation by preventing pest infestations that could tarnish your brand image.
  • prevents disruption, allowing your business to continue operating at its best.
  • enhances employee satisfaction and retention by creating a more comfortable working environment and increasing productivity.

Our pest proofing solutions

Flexi Armour proofing range - your first line of defence against rodents

In order to prevent rodents, we have a comprehensive range of proofing solutions to arm your premises against pest intrusion. Flexi Armour is one of the most effective solutions to protect high-risk areas internally and externally. Each product in the range has been proven to tackle rodents’ innate tendencies and habits, warding them off. The range includes Expansion, Seal, Dock, Weep, Doors, Ground Mesh, Shield and Building Seal.



Flexi Armour Expansion

Flexi Armour Expansion is a highly resilient, flexible stainless steel mesh with our unique self-levelling compound for filling expansion joints around your premises.

Flexi Armour Seal

Flexi Armour Seal blocks holes and gaps and contains knitted stainless steel hooks mixed into the caulking compound, making it highly resistant to rodent gnawing.

Flexi Armour Dock

Flexi Armour Dock closes the gaps around dock levellers with a hardwearing Kevlar and steel mesh – making it twice as hard for rodents to gnaw through – and a softer proofing material that fills up the gaps and allows for dock-leveller movement.

Flexi Armour Weep

Flexi Armour Weep is a knitted mesh tube to be installed into a weep hole to prevent rodent entry without damaging brickwork and mortar. It’s made from highly resilient yet flexible stainless steel that prevents pests from accessing wall cavities in all types of buildings.

Flexi Armour Doors

Flexi Armour Doors is a range of hardwearing, extruded rubber with a unique knitted mesh core that prevents rodent ingression.

Flexi Armour Ground Mesh

Flexi Armour Ground Mesh is a very corrosion-resistant, sturdy ground covering that discreetly prevents burrowing pests.

Flexi Armour Shield

Flexi Armour Shield is a unique proofing tape built with a dense stainless mesh, providing a sticky, flexible and virtually impenetrable barrier for rodents.

Flexi Armour Building Seal

Flexi Armour Building Seal is an incredibly corrosion-resistant, flexible stainless steel knitted mesh that can be swiftly installed around the perimeter of cladded buildings as an impenetrable barrier to rodents.

Pest control for your home or small business

Operating in over 80 countries worldwide, Rentokil can manage and resolve your residential or commercial pest control needs.

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Innovative pest control solutions, tailored to your needs, helping to protect your staff, customers, and brand reputation

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Our Global research and development centre drives our industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control