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A fly infestation can spell disaster – they’re one of the most likely insects to cause damage and disruption to a business. There are, astonishingly, 120,000 species...

By researching why insects such as flies are attracted to light, Rentokil was able to develop a new innovative approach to commercial fly control.

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Rentokil's disinfection services provide businesses with a safe, legally compliant solution to decontaminate areas affected by the coronavirus.

Discover what hotels and restaurants need to do to ensure the highest standards in food safety are attained and continually sustained for business success.

Rentokil has developed a new innovative solution, Fluorescent Tracking Gel, to asses the extent of rodent infestations in commercial properties.

ConeStop is a new innovative pest management solution designed to effectively block rats and mice from running along pipes and cables.

Find out how you can improve your customers' experiences at your hotel during the COVID - 19 pandemic.

From the rise in technology to online reviews and awareness around sustainability, discover the 5 biggest challenges impacting the hotel industry.

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