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Industry insights

Protect your guests and reputation from flies in hospitality. Learn why fly control matters, signs of pests, and Rentokil's sustainable solutions for a fly-free experience.

Discover the 9 tell-tale signs of pest infestation in food processing facilities. Learn about the importance of early detection and specialised solutions like Lumnia LED Insect Light Traps for effective pest control.

The end of the fluorescent lamp. What next?

Fluorescent lamps are being phased out worldwide as a result of an international treaty, the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Find out what this means for businesses.

The impact of pests on your FMCG supply chain

What's your responsibility to the rest of the supply chain if you have an SPI infestation? Pest infestations at one point in the chain can affect everyone

Preventing cross-contamination in the supply chain

Cross-contamination in the supply chain can lead to all manner of expensive issues. Click here to find out how you can prevent this.

Worst case scenario: when pest control infestations lead to a product recall

This blog looks at how product recall, food defense, and pest control in food manufacturing can have a massive impact on your business.

Caleb Jugmohan: 3 things I learnt from going infield with our FMCG customers

Rentokil has the expertise to deliver innovative pest control solutions to our customer's requirements. Read more on pest control in the food retail sector

Top 5 pests in facilities management

From our decades of experience supporting facilities management customers, we find there are five categories of pest that cause the most problems.

How to improve housekeeping in hotels using pest control solutions

In this blog post, we show you how to improve housekeeping in hotels using pest control solutions to protect your customers, staff and reputations.

Bed bugs in the healthcare sector: A rising concern

The rise of bed bugs in the healthcare sector is something the industry is concerned about. Read on to find out why.

Top 5 pests impacting supermarkets and grocery stores

Rodents, cockroaches, flies, SPIs and birds can threaten public health as well as cause economic and reputational loss to supermarkets and grocery stores.

7 global trends impacting food processing

Discover 7 economic and regional trends in food processing and their implications for the evolution of food manufacturing.

Pest control legislation for food processing facilities

Discover the key legislation in place regarding pest control which food processing facilities must adhere to in order to ensure food safety.

The top 3 pests in food processing

Pest can be very troublesome to food processing facilities. Discover the 3 most common pests impacting food and beverage companies around the world.

How to protect food processing plants from stored product insects

The FSMA is now reaching a level of maturity with new procedures and protocols rapidly emerging to help achieve food safety compliance.

The cost of product recalls to food businesses

Food recalls cost companies an average of $10 million in direct costs alone. Discover the true impact of product recalls within the food supply chain.

What impact can flies have on your business?

Certain species of flies such as house flies and filth flies can spread a range of diseases which can have a big impact on your business.

Integrated pest management in the food retail sector

Integrated pest management integrates multiple control measures tailored to the needs of each food retail site.

Why bird pests are bad for your business

Discover the impact bird pests can have on your businesses and what you can do to prevent diseases such as avian influenza spreading.

How to block the rodent highways in buildings

A new innovation from Rentokil provides effective pest management to prevent rodents in commercial properties in and around roof and ceiling spaces.

Innovative commercial fly control for large scale businesses

A new innovative commercial fly control solution to support food processing and pharmaceutical facilities hygienically control flies.

Five challenges facing the hotel industry

From the rise in technology to online reviews and awareness around sustainability, discover the 5 biggest challenges impacting the hotel industry.

How to improve the hotel guest experience in a COVID-19 world

Find out how you can improve your customers' experiences at your hotel during the COVID - 19 pandemic.

Top pests in restaurants and commercial kitchens

From conflicting with food safety to damaging stock and brand reputation, discover the biggest pest threats for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Pest control legislation affecting the hospitality industry

Businesses in the hospitality industry are required by law to follow procedures for pest control that are safe for food, people, wildlife and environment.

6 rules for housekeeping staff to spot bed bugs in hotels

Spotting the early signs of bed bugs in hotels is vital. Here are 6 rules housekeeping teams should be aware of to spot the common signs of bed bugs.

Pharmaceutical regulations and standards

Discover the range of regulations businesses in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector must adhere to to ensure all products created are safe.

Top 5 pests in the pharmaceutical sector

Learn about the common pests which post a risk to the pharmaceutical sector. Find out how to spot the common signs and prevent these costly pests.

How to get rid of unwanted pests in hotels

Discover the common pests found in hotels and how the latest innovative pest management solutions can support your business ensure a pest-free environment

How technology is changing the hotel industry and the impact on guest experiences

To meet the challenge of growing customer expectations, the hotel industry is turning to technology and investing in innovative solutions.

5 signs your business has a bird problem

Proactive pest management is the key to successful bird control, learn the 5 signs of a bird infestation you should look out for.

How pest control can contribute to sustainability in the food sector

Rentokil 20 point to drive sustainability and how our pest control solutions can contribute to sustainability in the food sector.

The problems caused by birds on commercial properties

The problems caused by birds on commercial properties

How to control birds on commercial properties

For commercial properties, birds can be a big concern due to the problems they cause. Discover the common control methods to prevent birds.

10 ways your business can ensure food safety compliance

Find out how your business can ensure food safety compliance and reduce the risk of cross contamination in 10 simple steps.

Food businesses need to adapt to emerging food safety challenges

Dr. Kanagasooriyam Kanagachandran discusses key takeaways from this year's GFSI food safety conference and what emerging trends mean for food businesses.

Food Safety Modernization Act – what it means, and how food businesses should respond

Stored product insects can damage products throughout the supply chain and are one of the world's most expensive pests.

4 hospitality trends impacting pest control and hygiene

Discover 4 of the most current and popular hospitality trends which are having an impact on both pest control and hygiene.

Bed bugs in hotels make travellers avoid the hotel and the brand

A survey of travellers shows a bed bug infestation has a significant impact on hotel and brand reputation resulting in loss of business.