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Innovation, science and technical training: a centre of excellence

Rentokil's Global research and development centre drives our industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control.

Rentokil’s Global research and development centre opened in 2017, a £2 million investment that brought Rentokil’s scientific and technical hub and training academy to a single location. This centre of excellence provides Rentokil with industry-leading capabilities that maintain our leadership in pest control services and enable us to fulfil our mission of protecting people and enhancing lives.

World-class research facilities for pest control innovation

Our Global research and development centre is at the forefront of pest control innovation and technology. Rentokil creates, prototypes and tests cutting-edge pest control solutions that support business sectors across the globe. The Global research and development centre contains one of the largest collections of pest insects in Europe and features:

Culture rooms

Controlled environments to better understanding of bed bugs and other blood feeding pests

Fly rooms

Research rooms where flies are released to test application and efficacy of fly control solutions

Rodent pens

Rat and mice behaviour are monitored for the development of effective detection tools

Field tests

Testing innovations in real world environments as part of the regulatory approval process

Commercial pest control innovations in the pipeline

From digital pest control to non-toxic solutions, innovation is at the core of our business. Rentokil’s team of pest control experts is made up of PhD level scientists with specialisms covering fields from zoology and entomology to specialists in regulator procedures and product development. Collaborating with local experts, they work to continuously improve Rentokil’s pest identification, monitoring and control solutions to support both residential and business sector clients.

New advances in biopesticides

Researching organic-compound solutions that can repel or destroy pests for the development of a new biopesticide which is chemical-free, with zero mammalian toxicity while seeing higher levels of efficacy and reduced environmental impact.

To combat cockroach infestations, Rentokil scientists are working on a solution that attaches fungal spores to the carapace of these notoriously resilient pests. On germination, the spores penetrate the cockroaches’ hard outer shell defence and multiply, resulting in a quick, painless death for the insect.

Non-toxic heat treatments 

Enhancing rudimentary heat treatments with modern technology to eliminate pests through dehydration and damage to essential physiological processes. Heat treatments effectively kill all life stages of insects and avoids the risk of insects developing resilience to chemicals.

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