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Lumnia LED Insect Light Traps

Rentokil’s Lumnia LED Insect Light Traps offer an eco-friendly and efficient fly control solution, reducing energy costs by 79%, cutting carbon emissions by 62%* and providing 80% greater fly control coverage.

In today's fast-paced business world, efficiency, sustainability, and style are paramount. At Rentokil, we've crafted Lumnia, a cutting-edge LED Insect Light Trap (ILT), to meet the unique demands of industries like food processing, retail, and hospitality. Lumnia not only boasts an impressive 80% extended reach and delivers up to 79% energy savings, but its LED lamps are also completely mercury-free, aligning with the highest environmental standards.

What sets Lumnia apart is the enhanced longevity of its robust LED lamps, which outshines the competition by lasting 33% longer than any other LED solutions available, assuring efficacy for an impressive four years and minimizing the necessity for frequent replacements. This commitment to durability, coupled with a 62% reduction in carbon emissions, makes Lumnia an environmentally conscious choice. 

With our comprehensive Lumnia range—from Slim to Suspended—we ensure that every business, irrespective of its sector or scale, has the ideal protection.  Choosing Lumnia is more than just about fly control, it’s a commitment to safeguarding your business with unmatched protection.

  • Lumnia Slim: Coverage of 36-100m², ideal for front-of-house locations
  • Lumnia Compact: Coverage of up to 117m², suitable for both front-of-house and back-of-house locations
  • Lumnia Standard: Coverage of up to 250m², two-lamp unit designed for back operations
  • Lumnia Ultimate: Coverage of up to 250m², three-lamp unit designed for back operations
  • Lumnia Suspended: Coverage of up to 312m², designed for back operations

*Compared to the Rentokil Luminos range

80% greater reach

Boasting an 80% greater reach, Lumnia ensures optimal effectiveness in wider spaces

79% less energy cost

Lumnia champions sustainability and cost-efficiency by consuming less energy


62% lower carbon emissions

Committed to sustainability, Lumnia helps your business reduce its environmental footprint effortlessly


Revolutionary fly protection with advanced LED technology

Leveraging the high-attraction capability of LED lamps, Lumnia casts a net that's 80% wider than conventional ILTs. Not only does it swiftly ensnare flies, but its efficacy also surpasses other competitor ILTs*, proven superior performance to any other LED solution on the market.

By harnessing the high-attraction capabilities of LED lamps, Lumnia promises superior and extensive protection, casting a net that’s 80% wider compared to conventional Insect Light Traps (ILTs). Not only does it swiftly ensnare flies, but its efficiency also surpasses other competitor ILTs*, delivering superior performance unrivalled by any other LED solution available in the market.

Lumnia's efficacy is broad-spectrum, capable of capturing over 18 different types of flying insects, providing comprehensive protection from common house flies to elusive species like drain flies and blue bottles, ensuring a safeguard against a variety of flying insect pests.

*Based on Rentokil research performed up to September 2023

Elevating sustainability and energy-efficiency

Lumnia's LED lamps stand as a beacon of economical energy consumption and sustainable innovation, offering a dual advantage of substantial energy savings and superior protection against flies. 

With a remarkable four-year lifespan, Lumnia's lamps deliver up to 79% energy savings, and with the intelligent adaptive mode, further savings are within reach. 

The Lumnia range is more than an effective ILT - it’s a testament to sustainable innovation. Having earned certification from Planet Mark, it proudly reflects a considerable 62% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional fluorescent lamp units, showcasing the future of eco-friendly and sustainable fly control. This range not only epitomises superior and sustainable insect protection but also significantly reduces energy costs and environmental impact, marking a significant step forward in responsible pest control solutions.

A trusted partner in food safety and protection

Lumnia is HACCP-certified for use in food handling environments, and adheres to the rigorous standards mandated by the HACCP International Food Safety Certification Systems. It is a testament to Lumnia’s commitment to ensuring the highest levels of safety and integrity in food handling and processing environments, making it an indispensable ally for those in the food industry who prioritise uncompromising quality and safety.

Next-generation commercial ILTs tailored for every environment

Lumnia stands as a testament to innovation, recognized by The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2020, as the world’s pioneering commercial ILT range that harnesses the efficiency of LED lighting over traditional fluorescent tubes—resulting in up to 79% energy savings.

Designed to tackle the persistent problem of flies with rapid efficiency, our high-attraction LED lamps are at the core of this evolution. Regardless of the scale or nature of your business, from bustling supermarkets and tranquil hotels to high-demand food processing plants, Lumnia's diverse range, comprising five distinct ILTs, ensures tailored protection against flying insect infestations. 

Dive into Lumnia's unparalleled advantages, where innovation, efficiency, and sustainability merge to cater to diverse business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Lumnia suitable for the Food Processing industry?

At Rentokil, we understand the unique needs of the Food Processing industry. This is why we developed a commercial fly control product that meets your needs. Lumnia complies with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards and reaches 80% farther than traditional Insect Light Traps (ILTs). With its market-leading attraction, we offer a fast and efficient solution to keep your food processing environment hygienic.

How does Lumnia contribute to cost savings for my business?

We know that running a business means keeping an eye on the bottom line, and Lumnia directly contributes to your savings by offering lamps that last 33% longer than any other LED lamps on the market. This extended lifespan isn’t just a marker of reliability—it translates to fewer replacements, saving you both time and money. It’s a tangible, efficient solution demonstrating our commitment to straightforward, practical support for your business.

How does Lumnia contribute to energy savings for my business?

We know energy consumption matters to your business. Lumnia is a real game-changer in that aspect. It offers up to 79% energy savings* with its 3-year lamp lifespan and 6.5-watt power consumption. It's a practical choice that's not only good for the planet but also friendly to your budget. 

*Compared to equivalent competing products, protecting businesses from flies

Which Lumnia units are suited for the Food Retail industry?

The versatile Lumnia range offers a tailored solution for different types of Food Retail businesses. For smaller areas like a supermarket's meat counter or bakery, the Lumnia Compact is ideal, with the Compact Colour option for matching decor. 

Larger areas, like big supermarkets, benefit from the Standard or Ultimate models. Lumnia Slim is perfect for style-conscious settings such as cafes, restaurants, and hotel lobbies, while the Suspended version is designed for spacious warehouses or ceiling-hung requirements.

How does Lumnia support my business’ sustainability efforts?

We share your concern for the environment. Lumnia is at the forefront of sustainability, with 62% lower carbon emissions (certified by Planet Mark) and no use of mercury lamps, choosing Lumnia is a choice that’s good for your business and the planet.

Why should Hospitality businesses choose Lumnia?

Lumnia enhances your venue’s aesthetic with modern and functional designs tailored to every space. Not only is Lumnia one of the most stylish and compact insect light traps, ideal for front-of-house areas, but it also boasts an eco-friendly advantage. Available in versatile colours, it's the perfect fit for venues aiming for a seamless blend of style and functionality.

What is the Lumnia service offer?

More than an Insect Light Trap unit, Lumnia is a service dedicated to your peace of mind. We prioritise the safety of your business and your customers and provide comprehensive support to ensure your Lumnia solution is always at peak performance. With Lumnia, you are not just getting a hardware solution - you gain practical advice and expert partners against flying insect problems.

How does Lumnia perform against traditional ILTs?

Lumnia lamps boast an unparalleled 4-year life, slashing service costs, and reducing lamp waste by 75% compared to traditional fluorescent solutions —a huge boost for sustainability. Benefit from up to 79% savings in energy costs and carbon emissions. Lumnia covers 80% more area, excels in performance, and tackles over 18 flying insect varieties. Unlike many, our lamps are mercury-free, making them future-proof against the imminent fluorescent ban tied to environmental and health concerns. Choose Lumnia for cost-effective, superior protection.

What are the best practices for fly control in commercial businesses?

Fly control in commercial businesses is crucial for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Here are some best practices for effective fly control:

  1. Sanitation practices:
    • Keep the premises clean and free from food debris. Regularly clean floors, counters, and surfaces to eliminate food sources that attract flies.
    • Empty trash bins regularly and ensure they have tight-fitting lids. Clean the bins to prevent odours and fly breeding.
  2. Exclusion measures:
    • Seal cracks, gaps, and openings in doors, windows, and walls to prevent flies from entering the building.
    • Install screens on windows and doors to provide a physical barrier and prevent fly entry.
  3. Proper food storage:
    • Store food items securely in sealed containers or refrigeration to minimize access to flies.
    • Dispose of spoiled or rotting food promptly and securely to prevent fly infestations.
  4. Drain maintenance:
    • Keep drains clean and free from organic matter, as flies are attracted to damp and decaying materials.
    • Use drain covers or screens to prevent flies from breeding in drains.
  5. Regular cleaning of outdoor areas:
    • Clean outdoor areas, such as loading docks or waste disposal areas, to remove potential breeding sites for flies.
    • Eliminate standing water or puddles that can attract flies.
  6. Employee education and awareness:
    • Educate employees about fly control best practices and the importance of maintaining a clean and fly-free workplace.
    • Encourage reporting of any fly sightings or potential problem areas to address issues promptly.

Remember that an integrated approach combining these best practices is typically the most effective way to control fly populations in commercial buildings and offices. Regular maintenance, proper sanitation, and professional pest control services can help minimize fly infestations and maintain a pleasant and hygienic environment for employees and visitors.

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