Four reasons why Lumnia should be the sustainable fly control solution for your business

A fly infestation can spell disaster – they’re one of the most likely insects to cause damage and disruption to a business. There are, astonishingly, 120,000 species worldwide, with approximately 18,000 found in North America alone, posing a health risk to staff, customers and livestock by spreading disease and contaminating goods.

Flies have a short lifecycle. They multiply rapidly, with some fly species able to mature from eggs to adults in just seven days. As you can imagine, this can cause a lot of turmoil for businesses.

Prevention is, more often than not, better than the cure. But these days, there is heightened awareness about the need to protect the environment – focusing on sustainability in response to the climate crisis. Gone are the days when the solution to eradicate fly infestations was the push for automobiles as a means to reduce demand for horses and the manure associated with them. 

A recent poll shows that Gen Z is more concerned about the environment than any previous generation and sustainability remains a key consideration for consumers in 2021, with 32% of consumers highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

In fact, Gen Z is adopting more sustainable behaviours than any other group. So much so, 45% stopped purchasing certain brands because of ethical or sustainability concerns. From reduced packaging to clarity on the sourcing of products, consumers want brands to take the lead.

A recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) survey found that people are more concerned about addressing environmental challenges and 87% said companies should integrate environmental concerns into their products, services and operations more than they have in the past.

With nearly 40% of millennials choosing a job because of company sustainability, your business could attract consumers and staff with the same values. And with an increase in insecticide resistance from flies and also businesses – that want non-toxic solutions, it’s important to take a proactive, preventative approach against infestations to ensure that the risk is managed.

Four sustainable reasons to choose the Lumnia range

HACCP-approved, Lumnia has helped Rentokil to provide a powerful solution that has also protected the environment since its introduction four years ago. By adopting the Lumnia family, your organisation can create its own sustainability success story and take advantage of the following four benefits – plus many more.  

1. The lowest energy consumption lamp on the market

Lumnia LED lamps save up to 79% energy compared to fluorescent bulb ILTs when using their unique adaptive mode technology. Lumnia Compact, Standard, Ultimate and Suspended all feature adaptive mode options where you can opt to increase or decrease the power output of the lamps, without significantly compromising the efficacy of the unit.

2. Energy savings of up to £10,512

Lumnia could save businesses up to £10,512 in energy costs by replacing a Lumnios 4 suspended with a Lumnia Suspended. There are also tangible energy savings across the Lumnia family range. For example, there could be up to an £8,800 saving on energy costs by replacing a Luminos 3 with a Lumnia Standard3.

3. 67% reduction in lamp waste

Lumnia LED lamps need replacing once every three years as opposed to fluorescent bulbs that need to be replaced every year. This means that for every three fluorescent bulbs, you only need one Lumnia LED lamp, thereby reducing your lamp waste by 67%.

As a result of not having to change the lamps more than once every three years, Rentokil has managed to reduce lamp waste by 750,000 units, making Lumnia more environmentally friendly than existing ILTs. Furthermore, Lumnia LED lamps do not use any mercury and boast zero-toxic chemicals.

4. Reduction in carbon emissions

Lumnia can help businesses be sustainable with a 62% reduction in carbon emissions. Over just four years, based on data from the Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, Lumnia has saved 26,600 tonnes of CO2  – that’s equivalent to powering over 3,200 homes for a year.

The number’s up for fly infestations: how each Lumnia unit can help to reduce your business’s environmental impact

Lumnia LED insect light trap provides energy savings of up to 70%
  • By using Lumnia Ultimate or Lumnia Suspended instead of a competitive product, you’re saving 1,525kg of CO2 – that’s reducing carbon emissions equivalent to the carbon captured by enough trees to fill an official football pitch. 
  • By using Lumnia Standard instead of a competitive product, you’re saving 646kg of CO2 – that’s reducing carbon emissions equivalent to driving 1,625 miles.
  • By using Lumnia Compact or Lumnia Slim instead of a competitive product, you’re saving 220kg of CO2 – that’s reducing carbon emissions equivalent to charging your smartphone every day for 73 years.

Other benefits from the world-leading ILT range

  • Catches over 15 different flying insects such as house flies, fruit flies, drain flies and blue bottles among others
  • Catches flies as fast or faster than any other LED ILT on the market
  • Combines LED light technology with unrivalled scientific innovation and expertise – for fly control that delivers total peace of mind.
  • Encapsulation technology works by removing the flies from the environment and reduces the risk of insect fragment ‘blow out’
  • Hides captured flies from view and helps prevent cross-contamination
  • The open/close feature makes units easy to service, so there’s minimal disruption to your business
  • Range of units in different sizes and a versatile design to suit different environments

Sustainable fly control solutions from a team you can trust

Lumnia LED insect light trap bulbs last 3x longer

The Lumnia range is brought to you by Rentokil, the global leader in pest control. We understand that protecting the health of your employees and customers also protects your reputation. With over 19,000 qualified technicians worldwide, we have extensive experience across a wide range of industry sectors.

In 2020, Rentokil Initial was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation for the development of differentiated products that included Lumnia – the first commercial range of LED fly control units.

Planet Mark has certified that Rentokil’s Lumnia LED range demonstrates 62% lower carbon emissions when compared to our previous Luminos range that used fluorescent bulbs. The certification was achieved in November 2019.

At Rentokil, we safeguard your reputation by taking a dual approach, incorporating both preventative and responsive strategies to help protect your business with a consistent, continuous pest-control programme.

  1. When using adaptive energy mode
  2. Based on £0.08 KWhr rate in £ per 100 units over five years
  3. Based on £0.08 KWhr rate in £ per 100 units over five years
  4. Claims based over 5 year period (product life cycle) and calculated using EPA Greenhouse Gas equivalences Calculator

Meet the Lumnia family

Commercial fly control for your business

Developed with innovative patented LED technology, our Lumnia range of insect light traps are designed to attract, kill and encapsulate insects hygienically, eliminating the risk of contamination.

  • High attraction output LED lamps are optimised for best-in-class fly catch rates.
  • High-performing units in a sleek design which fits seamlessly into your business environment.
  • Several energy modes that adapt from day to night, reducing energy consumption and contributing to a lower environmental footprint.
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