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Pest control for hospitality businesses

With over 95 years of expertise, we are trusted by multinational hospitality businesses in over 80 countries to protect the well-being of guests and staff.

Pests can have severe consequences for hospitality businesses, so guarding against them is key. Guests, staff and visitors need to be protected from the health and safety risks that come with pests. Hotels and commercial kitchens need to protect the hard-earned reputation of their brand and positive customer experience, especially in today’s age where reviews are shared online in an instant.

Based on a detailed evaluation of your premises, Rentokil will design a pest management programme to meet your needs, taking into account factors such as structural integrity, environmental pest pressures and potential for pest activity. Our pest control experts will then develop a comprehensive plan to ensure round-the-clock protection against pests. 

Supporting the hospitality industry during the coronavirus pandemic

There aren’t many sectors that have been hit harder than the hospitality industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional health and safety measures are now essential to reassure customers that hotels and restaurants are safe to return to. Rentokil’s innovative pest control solutions and proficient hygiene measures can protect businesses now and in the future.

Specialist disinfection services

We offer disinfection services that help hotels and restaurants deal with potentially harmful situations and are tailored to your properties’ needs

Helping you be prepare for the ‘new world’

Download our free eBook for help getting your hotel or restaurant ready for the ‘new normal’

Safeguarding hotels and restaurants from costly pest infestations

Our integrated pest management approach helps hotels and restaurants safely comply with legislative and audit requirements and avoid negative impacts on business from breaching hygiene regulations, litigation, unhappy guests and damage to reputation and brand.

Our expertise provide industry-leading solutions for the key areas in your hotel and restaurant to prevent and control pest infestations. As guests demand higher standards, a holistic approach helps your business meet evolving customer needs.

Ensuring high levels of food safety

Our comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution is tailored to hotel and kitchen storage to ensure the highest levels of food safety across your entire business. Our pest control solutions are uniquely tailored to suit your requirements, proactively preventing the risk and costly impact of infestations.

Advanced, 24/7 pest control solutions

Digital pest control solutions detect, capture or kill pests and alert our technicians of pest activity. End-to-end digital pest management means your business is armed with unrivalled pest data, insights and reporting to proactively prevent, monitor and manage pests with new levels of efficiency and control.

Supporting audit and compliance requirements

myRentokil is an advanced, online pest management reporting and analysis system that provides trend reporting, recommendations and analytics tools across all your sites globally. It supports your pest control audits needed for regulatory compliance, giving you instant access to latest versions of supporting documentation.

Effective solutions that support cost control

Tailored customer framework agreements provide cost-efficiencies, ensure consistent pest protection and service levels across your entire estate; all while mitigating the risks that impact your reputation and revenue.

Discretion for the comfort of hotel guests

Bed bug infestations are treated quickly, effectively and discreetly. Our solutions include the award-winning, chemical-free Entotherm heat treatment. With no residual side-effects, guest rooms and furniture can be reused quickly without affecting the comfort of your customers or bottom line.

Enabling consistency across your estate

With 19,000 certified technicians in over 80 countries, we provide consistent pest-control solutions across all your global hotel and restaurant sites, working to rigorous Standard Operating Procedures and providing reliable, quality service solutions.

Hospitality insights

From updates to food safety legislation, to the rise in technology in the hotel sector, our hospitality insights provide you with all the latest news, information and trends for hotels and restaurants to help support your business needs.

How technology is impacting guest experiences

Fuelled by technology and IoT, consumer needs and expectations are growing rapidly in the hotel industry.

Restaurant industry report

Download our report to discover how you can identify and tackle the most costly and disruptive threats to your restaurant

Top pests in restaurants and commercial kitchens

Learn the biggest pest threats to your business and how proactive measures can mitigate risk of pest infestations.

Global services for multinational businesses

Providing multinational businesses with comprehensive, tailored solutions to support your global pest control needs

Innovation and expertise

Our Global Research and Development centre drives our industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control