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Pest control in the hospitality industry

With over 95 years of expertise, we are trusted by multinational hospitality businesses in over 90 countries to protect the well-being of guests and staff

In today's digital era, a single negative online review about pests can significantly tarnish the reputation of hotels and commercial kitchens. Understanding the severe health and safety risks posed by pests to guests, staff, and visitors, Rentokil takes a personalised approach to pest control. 

We commence with an in-depth evaluation of your establishment, weighing factors such as structural integrity and environmental pest challenges. By employing advanced solutions like our Lumnia LED insect light traps and a team of seasoned experts, Rentokil crafts a robust plan ensuring continuous protection against pests—keeping your business's reputation pristine and your customers safe.

Keeping Hotels and Restaurants safe from costly pest infestations

In the competitive hospitality sector, even a minor pest infestation can lead to major consequences, from regulatory breaches to damaged brand image. At Rentokil, we champion a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. This not only ensures hotels and restaurants remain compliant with legislative and audit standards but also minimizes the potential pitfalls of hygiene violations such as legal ramifications and dissatisfied guests. 

As consumer expectations evolve and heighten, Rentokil's industry-leading solutions, coupled with stringent health and safety measures, provide the peace of mind that your establishment is not only safe for patrons but also primed to exceed their expectations. With us, your business's reputation remains secure both now and in the future.

Ensuring top-notch food safety

At Rentokil, we understand the unique needs of hotel and kitchen storage. Our tailored Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach ensures top-tier food safety while proactively warding off potential infestations. Crafted to fit your specific needs, our solutions help you avoid the high costs and risks associated with pests.

Stay ahead with advanced, 24/7 pest control solutions

Harness the power of our digital pest control technology. PestConnect not only detects, manages and monitors pests but also keeps you in the loop with unmatched data and insights. Our comprehensive approach ensures you're always a step ahead, making pest management in the hotel industry more efficient and controlled than ever before.

Seamless support for audit and compliance requirements

Our customer portal, myRentokil, offers advanced online pest management reporting and analytics across your global sites. It streamlines pest control audits for regulatory compliance, providing immediate access to the latest supporting documentation.

Effective and cost-effective solutions

Rentokil's tailored agreements deliver cost efficiencies, consistent protection, and quality service across your entire estate. We're dedicated to mitigating potential risks that could harm your brand image and revenue. 

Discreet bed bug treatments for guest comfort

Don't let bed bugs disrupt your business. Our award-winning, chemical-free Entotherm heat treatment guarantees rapid, effective, and discreet results. Your guest rooms and furniture will be ready for use without any lingering effects on your customers' comfort or your profits. Rest easy with Rentokil's discreet solutions.

Global consistency across your estate

We're a global force with 19,000 certified technicians across 90+ countries. At Rentokil, we deliver unwavering consistency in pest control for your hotel and restaurant locations worldwide. Our commitment to stringent SOPs ensures dependable, high-quality service solutions, no matter where you are on the map.

Stay pest-free, stay safe with Rentokil

At Rentokil, we've built our reputation on trust, expertise, and a relentless commitment to your success. Pest control for food businesses isn't just a service; it's a partnership. Trust our expertise and dedication – together, we'll ensure your success. Reach out now and explore our solutions.

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