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The best protection against dengue mosquitoes with Rentokil

Prevent dengue fever and other dangerous diseases caused by mosquito bites. Get rid of mosquitoes safely and effectively with Rentokil mosquito control services in your home and business.

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Rentokil Indonesia: Pest control services for homes & businesses across Indonesia

We have been providing pest control services globally to both homes and businesses for more than 90 years, and locally in Indonesia for over 50 years. Rentokil Pest Control has local technicians based close to you and ready to provide you with effective, safe, and reliable service to keep both your home and workplace pest-free.

For more information about Rentokil's pest control services contact us today at 150808 or fill out a contact form.

For over 50 years we have protected properties from pests across Indonesia

All our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers

Environmentally-responsible pest treatments for fast results and resolution

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Pest control services and offers

Explore our pest control services and exciting offers to protect your home and business from pest infestation.

Enjoy living without ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other common household pests at home with Rentokil's pest control services.

No initial survey is required and the special offer is valid from February 19 to April 30, 2024!

Protect your property from subterranean termite infestation and get Rentokil's long-term termite warranty of up to 7 years.

Learn about our innovative LED fly trap with same catch rate but lower power consumption

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Get rid of pests in your home and business premises

Whether it is your business or your home, pest control is always important. Luckily getting rid of pests has never been easier! With the help and advice of a highly trained Rentokil technician, you can be free from all types of pests that may be hidden in your property.

Find out more about Rentokil termite control services and other information about termites.

Find out everything about rats and how we at Rentokil can reliably help you get rid of rats in your home or business.

Our environmentally friendly treatments will control mosquitoes safely at every stage in their lifecycle and continue to protect you throughout the year.

Discover how Rentokil can professionally, safely and environmentally eliminate cockroaches in your home or business.

Having trouble with ants? We share tips on how to prevent ants and help you get rid of different types of ants in your home or business.

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Your local pest control branch

With over 50 years of experience in Indonesia, we have gained an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with various types of pests across Indonesia. We carefully integrate this knowledge with our understanding of local areas and seasonal pest trends. Our local certified & qualified technicians have all been specially trained to provide the best possible service, tailored to your particular property.

Our Jakarta branch is here to provide expert pest control service

 Living in Surabaya city? Don't worry, our technicians are never too far away

We have experts operating all across Tangerang & surrounding areas

Our experts operate across Bali and surrounds

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03 February 2024

There are 3 home remedies to get rid of ants that are very popular among many Indonesians. Let's find out if these DIY ant controls work for you.

02 February 2024

Find out everything you should know about winged termites or flying termites, including why do termites swarm and what flying termites look like here!

Common questions about Rentokil services

Explore the answers to common questions about Rentokil services in this quick guide. Get insights into the pest control solutions offered by Rentokil for both residential and commercial needs.

What does Rentokil do?

Rentokil is a global pest control company that provides services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers with over 90 years of experience globally and more than 50 years in Indonesia.

Rentokil offers a range of pest control solutions, including preventive measures, inspections, and customized treatment plans to address pest infestation, including termites, rats, wildlife pests, and many more.

Read more about Rentokil here

How much does Rentokil cost?

How much does Rentokil cost is become the most frequently asked question we receive.

The cost of Rentokil pest control services is highly dependent on a few factors, including type of pest, size of infestation, type of treatment, property size, and number of treatments.

Read more about Rentokil pest control prices here

Does Rentokil provide pest control services for homes?

While many people commonly know Rentokil as a pest control company that services businesses and industries, in fact, Rentokil also provides pest control services for homes.

Read more about Rentokil's service scope in Indonesia here

How much does the Rentokil survey cost?

Rentokil offers FREE surveys or inspections to evaluate the extent of a pest problem and recommend the most suitable pest control solutions for your property. 

Scheduled Rentokil free pest survey at your property today.

Pest control prices

Pests require different solutions to control and eliminate them, depending on the species, location and size of infestation

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Why Rentokil?

Rentokil has been protecting homes and business in Indonesia for over 50 years. Find out why you can trust us with your pest problem.

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