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Pest Control in Surabaya

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Protecting businesses and homes in Indonesia from pests for 50 years

All our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers

Innovative and unique treatments that resolve pest problems effectively

We understand that discovering pests in your home or business is distressing.

Our Surabaya pest control team of experienced technicians, surveyors and field biologists to providing professional pest control services for both home and business premises from manufacturingfood processing to offices. Providing the most effective solutions to your pest problem quickly and safely - we offer:

  • Free survey - highlighting the extent of an infestation & potential access points
  • Fast effective treatments - targeted & appropriate for your situation
  • Proofing & advice - helping to prevent further infestations
  • Certified technicians - our technicians are professionally trained & certified

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Pest Control Services Throughout Surabaya Area

Surabaya is the capital province of East Java as well as the second largest city after Jakarta in Indonesia. A metropolitan city and home to almost 3 million inhabitants has thrived into the world-class industrial center and the province’s main port, which considered as the center of economic and trading activities in the East Java and surroundings area.

As an investment-friendly city, the recent Surabaya’s infrastructure development has posed as a good capital to attract investors to do business and attract many expats to live in Indonesia. The growing industrial development in Surabaya city is dominated from manufacturing, plastic and food processing industry.

Industries that process raw materials into finished goods that passes through a series of very strict production processes. All processes in the industry such as raw material processing, assembly and packaging requires the business owner’s commitment on zero tolerance from pest infestation.

We understand how difficult it can be for business and homeowners in Surabaya to come to an informed decision when choosing pest control services to handling your pest problem in Surabaya area. Our +45 years’ experience in dealing with pest problems in Surabaya means we have detailed knowledge and experience to protect Surabaya businesses and homes from pests.

Pest Control for Your Home in Surabaya

We provide residents in Surabaya area, effective and safe pest control solutions backed by the assurance that comes with the Rentokil name. Our dedicated team of experienced technicians are always willing to help with any pest problems you may be experiencing in your home, giving you a complete peace of mind.

Pest Control for Your Business in Surabaya

Rentokil works closely with all industries across Indonesia to provide the best pest control solutions for businesses. We regularly resolve issues with pests such as ratscockroachesbed bugsfleasflies and ants, that can thrive in urban and suburban areas making a pest infestation a continual threat.

We have worked throughout Indonesia for over 45 years helping businesses from retailindustrial premises and offices to food focused businesses to get rid of pest problems swiftly and effectively.

In the manufacturing industry the presence of pests can ruin your reputation and cause large economic losses to your business

Office pest control can help to maintain a safe environment for office staff and visitors

Rentokil can provide a tailored solution to control and manage risks from pest infestation throughout a food processing plant

Termite Control in Surabaya

Termites are financially and architecturally damaging pest to residential homes in Surabaya. They consume beyond timber, and attacking any cellulose material. Seeking professional termite inspection from qualified termite pest control is vital to ensure any infestation is tackled quickly and effectively.

Do you know if you have termites in your property?

We provide tailored solutions to help protect your property from termites

Your first step to peace of mind. Get a Free Termite Inspection today

Rat Control in Surabaya

Surabaya area is considered a high risk area for rat infestation. Rats are attracted to the existing high levels of waste in highly populated areas. This is especially a concern in the sense that rats spread diseases such as E.coli and Saslmonella disease. Our certified experts provide fast, effective and targeted rat control solutions in Surabaya area.

Identify some common signs of rats to help tell if you have a problem

Did you know there are two main rat types in Indonesia?

Get professional treatments for an effective, long-term solution to your rat problem

Cockroach & Ant Control in Surabaya

Cockroach and ant infestation are considered as real nuisance in food processing plants in Surabaya area. It can cause food contamination and damage raw materials in various ways. Looking for a pest controller who understands the importance of protecting a brand? Rentokil are the experts for pest control in food processing plants in Surabaya.

Check for common signs like droppings or egg cases to see if you have a cockroach problem

Get professional targeted treatments to quickly remove cockroaches

Prevention tips to keeps ants away

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