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Safe and hygienic solution for business in food and beverages

Many restaurants, cafes, food stalls or food processing businesses such as catering, the food manufacturer, hotel kitchens and bakeries still use conventional electric fly traps with zapper to solve the fly problem in their location.

Although trapped flies and insects are electrocuted and die immediately when exposed to this conventional trap, some fluid or debris from the insect's body parts are destroyed and spread in the air, including the bacteria it carries.

Rentokil Indonesia delivers the best quality standards for a hygienic food and beverage business environment with Lumnia, a safer and more hygienic solution to control fly infestations.

Lumnia's modern look can be easily placed anywhere without disrupting the interior aesthetics nor causing annoying zapping noises.

Lumnia Trade In Program

Therefore, for customers who replace their conventional zapper, Rentokil Indonesia offers special discount for Lumnia unit rental contract for 1 year.

Special pricing for Lumnia Trade In Program*

  • Price list indicated above is excluding PPN
  • Price list above is valid for rental contract of Lumnia unit for 1 year
  • Price is including 12 glue boards for monthly replacement (1 glue board per month).
  • Valid until 30 June 2022

*Terms & Conditions applied

Contact us at 150808 or fill in our online form for more information regarding this program.

Lumnia type Option #1

Monthly invoice
from 4th to 12th month
Option #2

Annual invoice
Full payment upfront
Lumnia Ultimate IDR 250,000 IDR 2,193,750
Lumnia Standard IDR 200,000 IDR 1,755,000
Lumnia Slim IDR 160,000 IDR 1,404,000
Lumnia Compact IDR 155,000 IDR 1,350,125


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