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We understand that discovering pests in your home or business is distressing.

Our Batam pest control team of experienced technicians, surveyors and field biologists to providing professional pest control services for both home and business premises from hotelsrestaurants to offices. Providing the most effective solutions to your pest problem quickly and safely - we offer:

  • Free survey - highlighting the extent of an infestation & potential access points
  • Fast effective treatments - targeted & appropriate for your situation
  • Proofing & advice - helping to prevent further infestations
  • Certified technicians - our technicians are professionally trained & certified

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Termite is one of the main pest issue faced by residents. This small but destructive pest could slowly damage the structure of a building if action is not taken.

Do you know if you have termites in your property?

We provide tailored solutions to help protect your property from termites

Your first step to peace of mind. Get a Free Termite Inspection today

Ants & Cockroaches

Cited as one of Indonesia’s popular holiday destination, Batam continually strives to develop resorts, restaurants and shopping malls which place visitors’ risks of ants and cockroaches infestation due to high traffic of people and environmental factors.

Practical advice on how to get rid of ants

Recognise when you have an ant problem

Practical steps to keep cockroaches away from your property


Poor sanitation, waste management and clogged drains are among the reasons for the high rat population growth . Rodents are known to spread infectious diseases such as Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis and are very important for maintaining the health of housing in Solo.


With constant developing hotels and buildings in Batam, open spaces, presence of bulky items or improper disposal leads to potential pest issues such as rodents.

Rodents can cause all sorts of noises in your attic. Learn to identify the common pests which can be found in your attic

On top of creating damages to your property, rodents are also responsible for spreading a range of different diseases

Find out everything you need to know about rats, from how to spot the signs to prevention techniques and our pest control services and solutions

Expert protection for Batam homes

As we live in such a high-risk termite area, we have a great amount of experience in termite protection and treatment, including termite inspections, monitoring, baiting, and pre and post-construction barriers. 

But termites aren’t our only issue! We have a wide range of services for pests such as ratscockroachesmosquitoes, and everything else that bothers us across Batam. 

We provide fast, effective and safe pest control solutions by Batam locals backed by the assurance that comes with the Rentokil name.

Expert protection for Batam businesses

Within Batam, we work closely with various Hotels and restaurants so we understand the need to offer effective pest control solutions that ensure your guests’ food safety and business reputation will not be compromised by pest activities.

We also work with a number of local retail shops and offices which have given us great pest knowledge food to ensure we provide effective pest control services that are effective against pest and audit compliant.

Keep all of your guests, customers and visitors safe from unwanted pests with one of our specialist treatments

Pests are not and shouldn't be on the menu. Protect your business and get rid of pests with local, expert pest control tailored for your needs

In the manufacturing industry the presence of pests can ruin your reputation and cause large economic losses to your business

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