As an experienced hotel manager, you do not need us to tell you about the cost and inconvenience of a pest infestation.

You are well aware of the threats this could pose to your business – the irretrievable revenue loss that comes from having rooms out of use, the lost revenue and potential for litigation by disgruntled guests.

For this reason, we believe in guarding against an infestation before it occurs. We draw on our years of experience in hotel pest control to develop a customized pest prevention program that ensures your food and beverage areas remain open and rooms are always available.

Rising growth in tourist arrivals and hotel developments

With the growing trend in tourism and hospitality business establishment in Indonesia, within key cities and islands including Jakarta, Bali, Bandung and Yogyakarta, there are more hotel room expansions, brand extensions, hotel properties development and business differentiation to stay ahead in this competitive industry.

Besides sprucing hotels and villas with aesthetically-driven décor and design, delivering excellence service experience and engaging guests on a memorable customer journey, enhancing brand image and reputation is an important.

The last scenario hotel businesses would expect is to receive a complaint, a negative rating on social media channel and worse of all, placing guests’ health and safety at risks. For instance, due to structural instability, walls, ceilings or structure could damage and hurt the public’s safety. Or food contamination that causes food poisoning among your guests. Whilst financial and regulatory impact resulting from these incidences can be damaging, losing the confidence and trust among your guests could turn out more detrimental.

Protect your structure: A property’s structure may weaken overtime, damaged or collapsed because of a termite infestation. Termites feed on wood for 24 hours a day and with their hard, saw-toothed jaws, they are able to bite off extremely small fragments of wood. The most challenging task is to differentiate between ants and termites unless owners are pest biology trained. Find out how technology can detect termite activity accurately and various termite solutions to protect your hotel in a safe, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly manner.

Protect your guests: Room service dining, café and restaurants requires intensive food preparation that could potentially cause food contamination if hygiene, housekeeping and food waste or storage is not well managed. Flies are attracted to human food, odor, fresh fruits and vegetables which are often found in kitchens and preparation corner. Cockroaches are often found in hot and humid areas such as drains, sewers and kitchens, which form another key risk area in a hotel. They are detrimental to humans because of the diseases they pick up from filthy places. Engage an adequate cockroach and flies protection solution to keep pest infestation at bay in your kitchen.

Protect your health: In an outdoor environment with open spaces, drains and grass patches lying around, mosquito breeding could easily take place with presence of stagnant water collected. The danger is the potential risks of spreading diseases such as Dengue Fever. Mosquitoes seek prey by exhaling carbon dioxide and attracted to the warmth of human body and hence, they are often found outdoors, such as gardens. Step up on fighting against Dengue fever with an integrated mosquito control program.

Protect your hotel business and guests’ health and safety with our integrated solutions. Visit www.rentokil.co.id or call 150808 for more information.

Is Your Hotel Structurally Safe for Your Guests?

Hotel guests seek convenience, comfort, safe and pest free facilities for their stay. Be it for holiday or business purposes, guests have higher expectations from the hotel service standards. Particularly, the encounter of pests that might cause a spread of disease, food contamination or an allergy, that will disrupt or dampen their stay. It takes only one negative incident to harm your hotel’s reputation.

While pest relating to food safety could be maintained, most businesses tend to neglect the less obvious pest challenges, termites. Termite can turn into a big pest problem and result in devastating impact of your hotel building. These swarms of termites can eat through whole wood beams and cause structural damage. In worse case scenarios, walls or ceilings could collapse, thus causing health and safety risks to the guests.

Hotel Lobby Entrance

Termite attack not just timber area, termites can also damage plasterboard, carpets, plastics, books, artwork, clothes, electrical insulation and fit-out timber. The affected areas vary according to the location of the building and specific features of the environment. Some hotel building sites pose a greater risk of termite attack than others. Find out how to check if your hotel has a termite problem.

The effect of termite damage often takes a period of several years to cause serious structural problems which is why you need to start paying early attention to what's happening inside your hotel. Take steps to control the damage before it becomes a huge problem resulting in safety risks or financial implication. Here are some actions to be taken to prevent your hotel from termite infestation.

  • Regularly check the surrounding walls for mud tubes and rotting wood – common symptoms of a termite infestation
  • Keep garden soil and organic debris away from building walls
  • Practice good housekeeping and maintenance – repair any damage pipe or fix all water leaks in and around your structure. Providing termite colony water source encourages termite infestation
  • Keep basements, store room,  crawl spaces well ventilated and dry

What if you have identified and notice these symptoms in your hotel structure? There are various termite treatments available to suit your premise. Engage our specialist for peace of mind assurance at at [email protected] or call 150808.

New Hospitality Business

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  • Rentokil’s Hospitality Industry Expertise - Rentokil works with national and local industry associations and thought leaders to better serve our customers. We leverage industry-specific opportunities so we enhance our expertise and we are pleased to support the Indonesia Housekeeping Association (IHKA).
  • Rentokil’s Pest Control Solutions for Hotels - As part of our comprehensive pest management programme, your local Technician will schedule visits to your hotel, the frequency of inspections relating to the degree of risk. They will check rodent bait stations, look for signs of pest activity, identify potential threats and advise on any measures that will reduce the risk of future problems.

    Should you experience an infestation, our rapid response commitment means that your technician will reach you quickly to address the situation using effective, scientifically proven treatment techniques.
  • The Rentokil Difference - Different parts of a hotel face different pest challenges.

    Rentokil will develop customized service programs targeted to specific areas of a hotel to keep these areas pest free.

    When we develop a service program for your hotel, we will ensure that your business complies with all international and local regulations relating to pest control and health & safety.

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