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Most commonly found bed bug species in Indonesia that readily bite humans are Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus. Although bed bug infestations are at higher risk in public accommodations where people lounge, sleep or sit such as hotels and cinema, it not unusual to find them at your homes. This is because bed bugs can be brought home through your luggage, clothes, bags etc. and by carrying just 1 single surviving female bed bug home, it can spell disaster.

Luckily for you, we have loads of tips to help you identify signs of an infestation and how you can deter from bringing home any bed bugs from your travels. It is a traveller’s biggest fear: waking up in a hotel bed (or even your own bed!) with the telltale bites and droplets of blood on the sheets.

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How to get rid of bedbugs?

As a professional bedbug exterminator, we are able to track the location of bedbugs by understanding the signs they leave accurately, and perform effective treatment to eradicate bedbugs and bedbug eggs in your place.

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How to deal with bed bug bites?

Bed bug bites do not cause pain on human skin, but bed bug bites cause itching that arises from the body's reaction to the bite and causes discomfort.

Learn more about the characteristics of bed bug bites and how to prevent bed bugs and their bites at home and other public places by clicking one of the links below.

What are the symptoms and signs of bed bug bites on the skin?

Read Rentokil's blog to find out how to prevent bed bug bites on your flight this time!

Some practical steps to prevent bedbugs and their bites in your place

Where do bedbugs come from?

There are a number of ways you can do to detect the origin of bedbugs in your mattress, for example:

  • Know the shape of bedbugs – Bedbugs are small and oval with a brownish body about the size of an apple. After sucking blood, their bodies swell and become reddish in color. You may not pay close attention to their whereabouts, but if you do a thorough search you will surely find them. Find out the most common bed bug species found in Indonesia here
  • Bedbugs come from many places – Don't be fooled by the name! Bed bugs or bed mites don't just live in beds or mattresses. They can also be found in suitcases or bags, clothes, sofas and chairs. They are everywhere, especially near places where people rest.
  • Blood stains on bedsheets, blankets or pillowcases – Finding dark, small blood spots on bedding that are also known as faeces.
  • Bed bug bite scars on the skin – Most insect bites do not cause pain at first, but later turn into itching followed by redness and a rash. Bedbug bite marks are most often found around the ankles or other areas of skin that are exposed while you sleep. Learn complete information on the symptoms and signs of bed bug bites here

Rentokil's Bed Bug Control Solutions

Whether they’re in your home or hotel, bed bugs are an unwanted (and terrifying) guest. All ‘beds’ are at risk, especially those accomodation places with a large number of international travellers, or if you’re a frequent traveller yourself.

Bed bug control is very challenging, because of its resistance to pesticides. At Rentokil, we designed a solution that could remove an infestation effectively. However, we urge you to do proactive check as early detection combined with our PEST approach helps to deter them from spreading to other parts of your building.

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