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Pest control for pharmaceutical businesses

The consequences of even a small pest infestation can be enormous for pharmaceutical businesses. Our integrated pest management programme can help you manage pests efficiently and effectively.

The pharmaceutical sector is subject to high standards and stringent regulations. So it’s paramount that you have the right measures in place to meet and exceed these standards. We stay on top of evolving manufacturing rules and regulations so that you’re fully protected from all types of pests. 

Our skilled technicians create effective defences against pests and use their expert knowledge to provide tailored support to pharmaceutical businesses. They respond quickly to any signs of pest presence, dealing with the pest effectively while establishing the cause of the infestation to mitigate future risk. 

Protecting the pharmaceutical industry from costly pest infestations

Pharmaceutical businesses require zero tolerance of pests – not only for compliance purposes, but for the protection of their processes, brands and reputation. Our industry-leading solutions are designed to help prevent pests, monitor for infestations and tackle any identified pest problems quickly. Our qualified technicians and solutions are there to provide support and help you comply with all legislative requirements.

Our following services cater to all your pest challenges.

24/7 remote monitoring and control

PestConnect is our digital pest management system that provides you with 24/7 remote monitoring to tackle rodents immediately, from afar and with reduced onsite visits.The network of connected devices means your site is better protected, especially at vulnerable points of entry.

Meeting legislation and audit requirements

Our online customer portal, myRentokil, provides you with access to real-time pest data and comprehensive tools for analysis and reports to help you comply with pharmaceutical regulations.

Increase cost savings

We offer the most extensive range of innovative pest management solutions that are tailored to your pharmaceutical company’s needs, helping to protect your revenue and reputation while ensuring increased cost savings.

Industry-leading innovations

We’ve harnessed state-of-the-art technology to ensure pharmaceutical companies are fully equipped to overcome their pest problems and are protected against future pest challenges with our industry-leading solutions. Our Global Science and Research Centre pioneers the latest solutions to keep you protected and help you meet legislative demands.

Global reach, local expertise

Our global reach is unparalleled in the pest industry and we have over 19,000 technicians working in over 80 countries to deliver high-quality services across all our sites. Our local teams of experts closely monitor legislative changes and regulations to support in-country pharmaceutical businesses.

Integrated pest management

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions allow pharmaceutical companies to uphold good manufacturing practices and mitigate pest risks while reducing the need for chemical treatments. They are tailored to your needs and ensure there is minimal damage to the environment in the process.

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Global account management

Providing multinational businesses with comprehensive, tailored solutions to support your global pest control needs

Innovation and expertise

Our Global Research and Development centre drives our industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control