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Pest control for food and beverage processing

With over 95 years of expertise, we’re trusted by multinational food processing companies in over 80 countries to advance their food safety standards.

When food is at the core of your business, nothing can be left to chance. We understand the challenges your business faces when assessing and controlling risks throughout complex global supply chains. That's why we pioneer new technologies and deliver innovative solutions to offer the next-generation of products and services to help you increase transparency, proactively manage risks and ensure food safety.

With over 95 years of expertise, we are trusted by multinational brands in over 80 countries to advance their food safety standards.


Zero-tolerance pest control methods for the food industry

Rentokil works proactively with customers in the food industry to meet the requirements of third-party audits and provide pest control systems to improve operations across your business. Our comprehensive approach helps you meet the need for greater transparency and documentation in response to ever-increasing food safety risks.

This is how we ensure that our service offering caters to all your pest challenges:

Managing risk 24/7

Particularly in high-risk food areas, businesses are required to take a zero-tolerance approach to pest infestations. Rentokil's advanced connected solutions enable continuous 24/7 monitoring, proactive prevention, real-time response and control to support your statutory obligations.

Easy auditing and compliance

We understand your business needs to meet robust requirements against a backdrop of increasingly complex supply chains and stringent legislation. myRentokil is an online pest management system that provides traceability, transparency and analytic tools to support audit and compliance across all your global sites.

Integrated pest management

Rentokil can implement comprehensive, integrated pest management programmes tailored to your individual food processing site to ensure the highest levels of food safety across your entire business, fully supporting regulatory compliance and external audits with certifications and licences.

Keep control of costs

Our flexible package of pest control solutions is designed to protect your business effectively while delivering cost efficiency. Developed to support ongoing operational cost savings and mitigate risk to avoid pest issues which impact your bottom line.

Pioneering solutions

We adapt quickly to changes (pest types, legislative demand) and take advantage of the latest technology and innovations to ensure our customers retain the highest levels of pest control. We protect against future pest control challenges with the latest, pioneering and industry-leading solutions.

Global reassurance

Rentokil ensures high quality, consistent solutions across all our global customer sites. With operations in 80 countries and 19,000 certified pest control technicians, we work to rigorous Standard Operating Practices and service solutions which support local laws and regulations.

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