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24/7 Digital pest control and monitoring with PestConnect

PestConnect uses the latest pest control technology to provide customers across the globe with 24/7 digital pest management.

An innovative, digital pest control solution designed to protect businesses which are legally required to adhere to specific legislations, meet strict auditing compliance or have high-value assets to protect; PestConnect is a system of connected devices which detect, capture or eliminate a variety of pests.

Our innovative digital technology allows facilities to be protected 24/7 and is particularly suitable for areas of buildings that are difficult to monitor for pest activity. Our digital systems operate with minimal contact so our technicians act only when necessary – and in the safest way possible – to resolve issues quickly. PestConnect protects your business without exposing your employees or customers to additional risks.


PestConnect: Digital pest control systems for superior monitoring and management 

PestConnect is a system of connected devices that detect, capture or eliminate a variety of pests. Our range of traps continuously monitors your premises and is developed with leading infrared and wireless technology that delivers superior remote monitoring, rapid response and unrivalled, round-the-clock pest control protection.

PestConnect works independently and discreetly, without impact to your business network or machinery, providing:

24/7 pest monitoring

PestConnect provides businesses with 24/7 pest monitoring. The pest control devices in the Connect family use sensors to detect, capture or provide bait to rodents and deliver alerts for rapid action.


Proactive pest control

PestConnect gives early warning of a rat or mouse infestation, allows rapid intervention by our technicians and provides data insights to optimise rodent proofing and control on your premises.

Network of expert technicians

Our comprehensive network of expert technicians can provide customers worldwide with a rapid response to PestConnect alerts through the local and consistent availability of staff.

Sustainable solutions

We use a range of sustainable non-toxic solutions and intelligent bait access to effectively control rodent infestations, saving up to 60% in rodenticide use, reducing the impact on the environment and wildlife and protecting your business’ reputation.

Online reporting and analysis

All pest activity and service history are recorded on our customer portal, myRentokil. This provides real-time information including risk assessments, recommendations and trends, offering complete transparency to support audit compliance.

Highest standards of data security

myRentokil and PestConnect are certified to ISO 27001, the leading international information security standard, giving customers peace of mind that we protect data with the highest security, handle information with confidentiality and integrity and ensure its availability at all times.

What are the components of PestConnect?

PestConnect consists of the following: 

  • A set of connected rodent-control devices that monitor your premises 24/7 and automatically send alerts to the PestConnect system on capturing or detecting a rat or mouse. 
  •  A standalone communications system to collect data from devices on your premises and transmit it to our servers. 
  • myRentokil, a customer portal where you can access all your data, reports and tools to analyse the data for reporting and audits. 
  • Our team of expert technicians set up the PestConnect system, manage your pest control needs, quickly respond to alerts from the PestConnect devices and continuously optimise your pest control plan.

PestConnect range

The PestConnect range of connected devices provides several options for monitoring and trapping rats and mice and providing controlled access to bait to reduce the amount of rodenticide used and protect wildlife. Each device automatically sends data to the myRentokil customer portal to give access to an audit trail of device activity.

RADAR Connect

RADAR is an award-winning, rapid dispatch mouse trap to eliminate mice, providing a bait-free, HACCP-certified solution.

  • 24/7 monitoring and protection from mice
  • Effective and immediate CO2 action to automatically dispatch mice detected in the device
  • Contains dispatched mice in the device, preventing contamination
  • Certified by HACCP International; tested to be safe for use in food handling facilities

Dual AutoGate Connect

A first-to-market intelligent rat and mouse control solution, that provides immediate access to toxic bait upon proven infestation, providing instant control. 

  • Multi-rodent detection that counts the number of pest activations
  • Safe to use – toxic bait is kept in a separate compartment until a rat or mouse infestation is detected
  • Controlled baiting methodology in line with local wildlife legislation
  • Constructed from a robust plastic that protects it from damage in industrial locations

Rat Riddance Connect

Rigorously tested to meet the needs of businesses that require a non-toxic solution to protect their premises from rat activity. 

  • 24/7 monitoring of device activity with instant capture upon trigger 
  • Instantly communicates the capture of a rodent, immediately alerting our technicians
  • Able to distinguish between a capture and a false trigger
  • Replaceable shoe to maintain hygiene standards

Multi Mouse Trap (MMT) Connect

A live-multi catch solution with continuous monitoring to support you in minimising risk across your premises. 

  • Allows live capture of several mice when attached to a large-capacity mechanical rodent control device or metal trap
  • Continuous, 24/7 protection monitoring against mice
  • Live trap with rapid response from technicians who will identify the source of the infestation and any other required actions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does PestConnect work for your business?

PestConnect installations are tailored to your business and are easy to set up. A service technician conducts a site survey, assesses pest risks, and develops a customized IPM solution. The PestConnect system is installed, and your account is created on our customer portal, myRentokil. Our technicians provide a five-step integrated pest management cycle, continuously optimizing pest control while monitoring your site 24/7 using PestConnect devices.

When a rat or mouse is captured, an alert is sent to the Rentokil server, customer portal, and local service technician for a swift response. Upon notification, your service technician will contact you to schedule a visit based on your contract. All service activity is recorded in the myRentokil customer portal, enabling you to identify risks, access reports, analyze trends, and gain pest insights.

To ensure continued protection for your business, your service technician will remove pests from the devices, inspect the area for entry points, and recommend follow-up preventive measures.

Will PestConnect interfere with my existing IT or Wi-Fi systems?

No, PestConnect won’t use or affect your company’s Wi-Fi or internet connection. The system works independently without disrupting your business’s internet connection, hardware or machinery, using a wireless communications system onsite and mobile communications to connect to our servers.

Is PestConnect a sustainable solution?

PestConnect is a sustainable pest control solution. It reduces chemical usage through targeted interventions and follows an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. The system provides precise monitoring, data-driven decision-making, and continuous optimization. By emphasizing prevention and minimizing environmental impact, PestConnect promotes effective and sustainable pest control practices.

How long does PestConnect take to install?

The installation of PestConnect is quick and straightforward. The exact duration can vary depending on the size and complexity of your premises. However, in general, a service technician will conduct a full site survey to assess pest risks and develop a customized IPM solution. They will then proceed to install the PestConnect system and set up your account on the customer portal, myRentokil. While the specific timeframe can vary, the installation process is designed to be efficient and minimize disruption to your business operations.

What connected devices do you use/ how many will I need?

PestConnect utilizes specialized connected devices to monitor and capture pests. The specific devices employed may vary based on the requirements of your premises and the type of rodent targeted. Commonly used devices include:

  1. Rodent traps: These traps are equipped with sensors to detect and capture rats or mice.
  2. Monitoring stations: These stations contain sensors that detect pest activity or entry.

The number of connected devices needed depends on the size of your premises, the level of pest activity, and the areas requiring monitoring. During the site survey, a service technician will assess your needs and determine the appropriate number and placement of devices to ensure comprehensive coverage. The goal is to strategically position the devices to effectively monitor and control pest activity throughout your premises.

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