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Digital pest control: your top 8 frequently asked questions answered

Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives and it’s even transformed pest control, providing new levels of efficiency. Customers across several sectors now use digital pest control, but it’s a commonly misunderstood topic. We’re here to answer your questions and talk about digital pest control. 

For a full breakdown of digital pest control, including what it is and why you need it, scroll on!

What is digital pest control

1. What is digital pest control? 

Digital pest control is pest control made smarter, faster and more efficient with the power of technology. 

It calls on technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing to monitor, manage and control pest threats more effectively. 

Digital pest control relies on the Internet of Things (IoT) to automate the monitoring of rodent traps and allows for 24/7 monitoring and protection. 

It means you can have early detection and expert intervention.

That’s right. Technicians no longer have to check traps manually. Instead, they respond quickly, schedule a convenient time to visit and are empowered with data for enhanced insights into pest activity and risks at your site. 

The traps are also integrated into customer portals, so all the data is recorded and easily accessible to customers. 

For Rentokil customers, the data recorded by the devices are pulled onto myRentokil, so customers can find all the relevant information stored in one place, ready for audits and producing pest activity reports.

Is digital pest control effective and why do I need it?

2. Is digital pest control effective and why do I need it? 

Now that we’ve covered what digital pest control is, it’s time to move on to two killer questions that come hand-in-hand: is it effective and why do I need it?

I’m sure many of you wonder how effective digital pest control is and what it can do for your business. 

So, we’ve zeroed in on the main benefits below.

  • Round-the-clock surveillance You have enhanced protection of your premises, preventing infestations and minimising business impact. 
  • Early intervention There’s a fast response to pest activity from expert technicians. For example, Rentokil found with 24/7 monitoring and quick intervention, PestConnect can resolve rodent activity twice as fast.*

*Based on a comparison of rodent activity duration at customer sites transitioning from non-connected to connected pest control. All data on file.

  • More sustainable pest control Technology is enabling the development of non-toxic solutions and quicker intervention, so less rodenticide is needed. For example, PestConnect can be more sustainable by reducing rodenticide use by up to 60%.*

*Based on a comparison of rodenticide use at customer sites transitioning from non-connected to connected pest control. All data on file.

  • Data-driven insight for more targeted, proactive pest control: Because digital pest control continuously collects data, technicians comprehensively understand your premises and pest activity before their arrival. This allows them to focus their efforts on high-risk areas and mitigate the risk of future infestations.
  • Customised reporting You can gain insight into pest trends for your unique environment and view detailed records of pest activity on your premises. Use the data to build and schedule custom reports to support auditing and legislative requirements.  
  • Easier audit compliance You have full control of your onsite pest management, with data from across your locations readily available to support audit compliance.
Is digital pest control and environmentally friendly option?

3. Is digital pest control a more environmentally friendly option?

Yes, it is. This is because the data from our connected devices allow us to see common trends and risk areas over time, so we can be more proactive in mitigating future risks. This also means that we can be more targeted in using rodenticides. 

Technology is also driving the innovation of more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions that help limit the use of rodenticides. 

Does digital pest control use or impact your business' internet connection?

4. Will digital pest control use or impact my business’ internet connection?

Another frequently asked question about digital pest control is whether it will use or affect your business’ internet connection and the simple answer is that it depends. 

Some digital solutions require WiFi and rely on your business’s internet connection. If this is the case, the solution may slow down the speed of your WiFi (due to an increase in load).

At Rentokil, however, we believe that effective rodent protection requires discreet monitoring that doesn’t affect or interfere with your day-to-day business operations. So, our PestConnect devices use a wireless system called LongReach, which works independently and without disrupting your business’ internet connection, hardware or machinery. 

Which wireless networks are the best for digital pest control?

5. Which wireless networks are best?

We’ve established that some solutions will use your business’ WiFi while others, like PestConnect’s LongReach, don’t rely on WiFi. Let’s take a quick look at the available networks.

There are several different options, including:

  • WiFi
  • Cellular (Cat-1)
  • Cellular (Cat-NB)
  • LongReach/LoRa

These all have different pros and cons. For example, WiFi is easy to install but can pose security risks if close attention isn’t paid during set-up to ensure it’s not accessible to others. It also has a limited range that other systems or equipment can interfere with. Cellular (Cat-1), on the other hand, will only work when there’s a good signal – which could lead to devices being placed where there’s a signal rather than where they’re best for pest control. 

We believe that LongReach/LoRa is generally the best option for low data usage in pest control with a streamlined set-up process and a great range inside and outside buildings. 

Will my data be secure with digital pest control?

6. Will my data be secure? 

For reassurance that your data is always protected, it’s always a good idea to work with companies that are ISO 27001 certified, especially when, according to IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the frequency of cyber attacks is increasing year after year.

ISO/IEC 27001 is the highest internationally recognised standard for managing information security and the award certifies that the information stored is protected to the highest degree. 

We’re delighted that PestConnect and myRentokil have been certified to ISO 27001

We’re constantly assessing, minimising and eliminating risks and vulnerabilities, so you can trust our data management. We store all data on backed-up Rentokil Initial servers with HTTPS encryption and user accounts are protected with secure passwords. 

Does digital pest control offer good value for money?

7. Does digital pest control offer value for money? 

You’re likely also wondering whether digital pest control offers you value for money and the short answer is: yes, it can.

The value lies in digital pest control providing 24/7 monitoring and protection combined with the power of data-driven insight. 

Round-the-clock surveillance coupled with data enables a better understanding of pest risks at your site, meaning there’s an earlier, more proactive intervention against costly pest infestations. 

Our expert technicians can quickly deal with any activity before it escalates, mitigating the risk, time and costs associated with business downtime and damage to any stock and machinery onsite. 

Digital pest control also helps you spend less time and resources on audit compliance. Because you’ll have all your pest control data in one place and the ability to build custom reports, you can win back the time and resources that would be spent on manual processes. 

What data will I be able to see with digital pest control?

8. What data will I be able to see?

By now, you’re probably well aware that digital pest control can arm you with indispensable pest data. But let’s delve into the specifics and look at the exact data you could have access to. 

Digital pest control gives you access to service visit information and pest activity insights, so you know what’s happened, when, where on the site and which devices have been triggered. You’ll also be able to see risk management recommendations and pest trends across single or multiple sites. 

All your data will be in one place to support audit compliance, making producing reports a quicker and more efficient process. 

Take your pest control online and join the digital pest-control revolution

Use real-time data for a more effective, cost-efficient, and proactive approach to pests

Digital pest control

Round-the-clock digital pest management and monitoring

  • Proactive, digital pest management system which monitors constantly, reacts instantly and reports directly
  • Real-time alerts and data-driven insights to help mitigate risk and inform preventative measures
  • Rapid response pest control from your local service team
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