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Pushing the boundaries of pest control: innovations and sustainable solutions

The age-old battle against pests continues to evolve as technology develops and brings with it many exciting possibilities. This is opening up a world of opportunities for pest management experts to explore novel approaches that tackle and mitigate the risk of infestations – all while minimising their impact on our planet.

From cutting-edge DNA analysis, which unlocks valuable insights into rodent behaviour, to the innovative use of Fluorescent Tracking Gel and AI cameras that enhance the visibility of what’s happening at a customer site, reducing the chance of an infestation, we’ll explore a range of techniques that are revolutionising the pest control industry and helping companies to be more sustainable, unpacking what they mean for you. 

DNA analysis for improved pest insights: a game changer in pest management

Lab telescope

DNA testing has long been used to understand the genetic make-up and ancestry of humans.

It plays a crucial role in various fields, from healthcare and law enforcement to genealogy and conservation, by providing valuable genetic information that can inform decisions and solve complex problems.

But, consider if this DNA analysis could be applied to rodents to improve pest insights.

One potential ingenious system that may be made possible for the industry is a pioneering system that consists of DNA analysing rodents to improve pest insights. 

This approach would involve collecting faecal samples from rodents found in infested areas and analysing their DNA to gain valuable insights into the rodent population’s characteristics and behaviours. For example, whether they carry genes associated with resistance to specific rodenticides.

It would allow pest control experts to identify the rodent species present in a specific area and implement a targeted control strategy. This would mean quicker and more effective infestation control for our customers.

The novel system would also enable more targeted and effective baiting strategies. This is because of the enhanced knowledge of rodent species and their resistance, allowing for the most appropriate rodenticide and application methods based on the specific population. 

This not only minimises bait wastage but also maximises its impact on the target species, resulting in faster and more effective protection for our customers. 

AI-powered environmental monitoring – the next generation of connected pest control

Artificial intelligence is introducing a new dimension to pest control. For example, Rentokil is using an intelligent rodent surveillance system that uses machine-learning technology for smart object detection to identify rodents and confirms rodent activity when there are few other signs. 

This allows for enhanced visibility of what’s happening at a customer site, reducing the chance of an infestation and minimising the need for rodenticides to control costly infestations.

It combines real-time images and machine-learning technology to help technicians respond quicker than ever. The system will also be fully integrated with our digital ecosystem, so customers can benefit from enhanced transparency, being able to quickly view any identified activity on the myRentokil customer portal. 

In the future, customers will also be able to benefit from similar systems for crawling and flying insects. Photos would identify captured insects, enabling early environmental change warnings and precise counting for enhanced protection. 

Learn more about our work with AI and cameras in the industry here

Fluorescent Tracking Gel: precise rodent control with minimal chemical impact

Colleague checking for rat

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, the demand for eco-friendly pest control solutions is increasing and this includes more environmentally friendly unconnected solutions too. 

For example, our Fluorescent Tracking Gel is a non-toxic gel that highlights rodent tracks on virtually any surface, enabling blocking of entry and exit passages. It also enables precise placement of traps and bait, reducing the need for unnecessary chemical application.

The gel allows for more targeted, minimised and strategic rodenticide use and it enables quicker resolution as it’s easier to understand and identify rodents’ movement patterns.

Pest-proofing measures to strengthen defences against rodent intrusion

Rodents are curious and agile creatures that are constantly squeezing through the smallest gaps as they forage for food and shelter. Their intelligence and curiosity mean they’ll find a way in through any open entry points unless a building is securely proofed.

Professionally proofing your premises prevents pest entry and costly and disruptive infestations.

Rentokil’s Flexi armour range is one of the most effective rodent-proofing solutions available to protect the interior and exterior of buildings against rodents. 

The range consists of various products – such as Flexi Armour Ground Mesh to discreetly prevent burrowing pests, Flexi Armour Dock for rodent-proofing the gaps around dock levellers and Flexi Armour Building Seal for an impenetrable barrier around the perimeter of cladded buildings. 

These form impenetrable barriers to prevent rodents from entering the building, safeguarding valuable building contents from potential damage. 

It focuses on prevention and proactively deters rodents, so it minimises rodenticide usage and the risk of costly pest infestations. 

By combining proofing innovations with technology-enabled solutions like PestConnect, we can create an even greater sustainability impact with a highly humane, well-rounded, integrated pest management solution. 

The world’s leading patented LED insect light trap

Businesses are challenged by many different pests, but flies are undoubtedly among the most disruptive and require an effective solution to protect premises. For example, they can transmit over 65 different diseases.

Our Lumnia insect light trap was the world’s first and leading LED insect light trap. Since then, we’ve expanded the range and we now offer the widest range of insect light traps to our customers, so they can find the best unit for their unique environment. 

Lumnia catches flies up to 46% faster, on average, than competitor LED units and has an 80% greater reach than fluorescent traps. It achieves this remarkable efficacy while helping to save 53k+ tonnes of CO₂ emissions over the last six years. 

Furthermore, it even offers a 79% reduction in energy consumption and is Planet Mark approved – making it one of the most sustainable insect light traps on the market and helping businesses stay one step ahead of disruptive flies. 

Waste to power: a sustainable vision for future pest control solutions

Power to waste big tanks

A challenge facing the pest control industry is the need to protect crops, buildings and public health from pests while addressing broader concerns related to resource conservation, pollution reduction and the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. 

A potential pest control solution of the future, which we’re exploring, is an innovative approach to meeting this challenge – the possibility of turning waste into power. This next-generation thinking would mean we could use waste to power our connected products and foster sustainability with resource recycling. 

By converting waste to energy, our connected products could potentially harness renewable energy sources, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, using waste as a resource would mean less material ends up in landfills, which significantly reduces environmental pollution.


These are just a glimpse of some of the pioneering initiatives Rentokil is actively pursuing and we’re already making progress across them. 

The future of pest control looks incredibly promising, thanks to these emerging innovations and technologies. By harnessing these, we can reduce our reliance on harmful pesticides, mitigate environmental impact and ensure a healthier and pest-free future. As these technologies continue to evolve, we can expect more groundbreaking solutions to emerge, further transforming the field of pest control.

To uncover more about our mission for sustainability and explore the breadth of our efforts, click here.

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