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As the weather change approaches, you may start to find some winged insects. They could either be flying ants or flying termites that are looking to build new colonies, often finding their way into your homes.

Worried about being bitten by a bed bug? Learn about the common symptoms of a bed bug bite, including what the skin looks like after a bed bug bite and when a bed bug bite usually occurs.

Rats are indeed prolific breeders, and their ability to reproduce quickly is one of the reasons they are formidable pests. Find out why rats are reproducing so quickly, the rat population in Hong Kong, and which industries are most affected.

The comparison of LED insect traps and traditional bug zappers, including the electricity consumption, safety, mechanism and design.

Some expert tips on how to protect your property this rainy season from the damage of termites

In this blog we will explore the dangers posed by termites, how you can identify them, and how Rentokil can assist in eradicating a termite infestation

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