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Our Sustainability Effort

Rentokil’s commitment to our people, environment and communities

Our purpose is to protect people, enhance lives and preserve the planet. At Rentokil, we’re on a mission to find new ways to effectively control pests while minimising our impact on the environment.

Increasing human activity is putting our world at risk. Ever-expanding industrialisation and urbanisation have led to increased greenhouse gas emissions resulting in global warming, more frequent weather extremes, rising sea levels, and other environmental, economic and human costs. These factors are combining to create environments where certain pest populations are thriving, increasing risks to public health and business operations.

As the world’s leading commercial pest control company, we know we have a responsibility to take action across our business and help our customers deliver on their own sustainability goals with confidence and drive change in our industry.

We align our activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and are committed to driving positive change across every aspect of our supply chain and operations to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

Our manifesto for achieving net zero covers five key pledges.

1. Embrace more non-toxic solutions

We are finding better ways to prevent, detect and target infestations, wherever possible using non-toxic treatments.

We are committed to reducing the use of harmful chemicals in pest control. With an expanding range of non-toxic options, new proofing products and digitally connected solutions.

At Rentokil Initial, we only utilize FDA and EPA approved products and non-toxic, child-safe and pet-safe treatments to ensure your environment is clean, mould-free and safe.

Green Drain is made from 63% renewable materials, 100% of the components are individually recyclable, environmentally friendly and chemical-free, providing you with 24/7, 365 days of protection.

PestConnect provides a real-time warning system for rodent monitoring and control. It offers 24x7 effective monitoring and fast control of rodent pests, saving customers time and money dealing with costly infestations. With this solution, we’ve achieved up to a 40% reduction in rodenticide usage.

2. Make a difference with every innovation

We deliver our services and design every new innovation we bring to market with sustainability firmly in mind.

We’re constantly innovating to bring to market new products that enable more-effective pest control with less environmental impact. We’re applying our expertise to outsmart pests with more energy-efficient and recyclable solutions that use fewer resources and are less reliant on chemicals.

Sustainably focused research

Our global centre for science and innovation is at the forefront of behavioural science and observational research uncovering new, more effective ways to identify and target pests without harming the environment. 100% of the pipeline solutions we are bringing to market will have a positive impact on our environmental performance.

Lumnia is the world’s first range of insect traps to use LEDs to attract and control flying insects hygienically. It has 62% lower carbon emissions than traditional fluorescent bulbs and has delivered electricity savings for our customers equivalent to over 38,700 tonnes* CO2. 

*As of October 2022

Ekomille is the first fully automatic mouse trap to be patented as an ecologically and environmentally friendly system that does not use any toxic chemicals and saves labour while keeping the surrounding environment clean and sanitary.

3. Live, breathe and act sustainably

We’re analysing all aspects of our operations, workplaces and supply chain, to build a culture of sustainability throughout the company to ensure we’re proactively taking measures to reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s transitioning to electric vehicles across our fleet, switching to green energy tariffs across our properties or choosing to source from sustainable suppliers, we’re taking proactive steps to deliver on our net zero commitments.

Ultra-low-emission vehicles

The company is a member of EV100 – a global initiative bringing together companies committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

Sustainable supply chains

We are working with suppliers to minimise their own climate related impacts and those of our products. By 2025, we’re targeting that 90% of our supply chain spend will be with sustainable suppliers. We are also cutting certain types of paper from our supply chain by making more processes digital.

Using renewable energy

Our target is for 90% of our properties globally to use renewable energy by 2030, supporting a more sustainable workplace. Over the last five years, we have consolidated our property portfolio, with property energy efficiency improving by 58%.

4. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Our aim is to measure and reduce the waste we generate as a business to zero landfill and incineration, while increasing the use of recycled materials in our products and across our operations.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact from waste. Our goal is for 100% of our waste material to be reused, recycled or repurposed for conversion into energy by 2035. To ensure full accountability, we’ve also put in place plans to better measure our waste across our major markets.

Cut use of virgin plastic

The Eradico rodent bait box is made entirely from recycled polymer, which will replace about 377 tonnes of virgin plastic in our supply chain per year.

Recycle batteries

We are taking action to increase battery recycling. In the Pacific region 40 tonnes have been diverted from landfill and in Europe 50% of batteries are being recycled.

Sustainable packaging

We’re moving to 100% reusable, recyclable or repurposed packaging by 2035. Through intelligent waste reduction we’ve already removed 10 tonnes of waste packaging across operations.

5. Partnering to preserve the planet

We build long-term partnerships that support greater biodiversity and benefit the environment for future generations.

As a leader in global pest control, we recognise the importance of acting responsibly and use our resources, scale and influence to proactively protect the environment. That’s why we’ve established relationships with environmental charities and communities across the world to support their work in preventing deforestation, promoting biodiversity and fighting the climate crisis.

Through our partnership with environmental charity Cool Earth, we’re supporting communities in Papua New Guinea, Mozambique and Cameroon, to protect 42,000 hectares of rainforest, equivalent to 8 million tonnes of stored carbon.

In Cameroon, community outreach sessions have helped to reduce the number of small-scale illegal timber exploiters from 28 to only eight, and significantly reduced the loss of valuable tree species such as obeche, mahogany and sapele.

Our partnership with Australia’s Rainforest Rescue is helping protect and restore Daintree Rainforest, the world’s most ancient and diverse rainforest. We’ve contributed to planting over 19,000 trees in the Buy Back and Protect Forever Project. 

Accreditation and membership

We seek accreditation and certification by independent organisations covering a wide range of our business operations so we can verify our efforts at sustainability. These include: 

Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index (DJSI)

Accreditation and membership of the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index and World Index and scored 75% for climate strategy (86 percentile) and 72% for operational eco-efficiency (82 percentile)

FTSE4Good Index

Rentokil Initial is a member of the FTSE4Good Index


Rentokil Initial placed 10th out of 568 companies for ESG, covering a broad analysis focused on areas such as workplace, social responsibility, finance, diversity, governance and environment 

Vigeo Elris (VE)

Rentokil Initial placed 3rd out of 103 companies in our sector and 66th in the overall assessment of 4963 companies 

ESG ratings

The Company was ESG rated as ‘AA’ by MSCI, as Prime by ISS ESG and as ‘low risk’ for ESG by Sustainalytics


In 2020, the Lumnia range of fly control units received the PlanetMark certification for reducing carbon emissions and removing mercury from the waste stream 


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