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Identifying bed bug (bed bug/psyllid) bite symptoms

Worried about being bitten by a bed bug? Learn about the common symptoms of a bed bug bite, including what the skin looks like after a bed bug bite and when a bed bug bite usually occurs.

How to get rid of bed bugs (bed bugs/psyllids)

Bed bugs or their eggs can live in clothing, furniture or luggage

Flea bites

Learn how to tell flea bite characteristics and flea bite symptoms from the appearance of a wound. lice bite symptoms, lice bite mosquito bites respectively, flea bite characteristics, lice bite characteristics, flea bite wounds, flea bites, flea bed, flea bite symptoms

Common Flea and Tick Species

There are many types of fleas and ticks in Hong Kong. Learn the difference between cat fleas and dog ticks. Fleas and ticks are very common pests in the home, and if you have pets in your home, you are more likely to have fleas. Even if you don't have pets yourself, you may still have a meeting or tick problem if the previous owner of the house had pets. Fleas and ticks feed on the blood of their hosts, so they are likely to be introduced into the home through pets. Fleas may also host other mammals.

Common species of ants

Don't let ants take over your kitchen! Please do not hesitate to call Rentokil Initial Hong Kong Pest Control Service Hotline or contact us online to learn more about Rentokil Initial Hong Kong Ant Control Solutions.