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Customer testimonials

Rentokil Hong Kong has partnered with various commercial companies and residential famillies and received recommendation letters, which is a strong testament to the service excellence and quality assurance we deliver ​to our valued customers.

Testimonial from Hospitality sector

During my previous encounters with your service technician, Mr. Leung, he has clearly demonstrated as a responsible contractor to provide timely and flexible pest control services at both of our airline lounges and airport lounges. 

Even with a very tight pest control schedule, he always did his work well filled with energy and professionalism. He also followed up on all our major pest control issues after completing every pest control service. His efforts and work attitude in achieving quality service can be regarded as a role model for all his other Rentokil Initial colleagues who also serve our lounges. He has successfully contributed to a well-maintained lounge environment at the Hong Kong International Airport.

We would like to give him a round of applause for his great work and excellent service. Congratulations to Mr. Leung and I wish him all the best in his career!

Testimonial from Residential sector

I am writing to thank you for the pest control service Rentokil Hong Kong has provided, with a special thank for sending your two staff, Mr. Tung and Mr. Chan, who are both very professional, courteous and most importantly, with genuine interest in helping us with our bed bug problem. I had two treatments and one follow up being done by Mr Tung and Mr Chan. Instead of doing the minimum to get by, Mr. Tung showed his enthusiasm throughout. 

Not only did he share his expertise and give me lots of practical advice, I also found from our conversations that he's really into his job. And given the high team spirit between Mr Tung and Mr. Chan, the treatments were always done efficiently with minimal disruption to my daily routines. 

This kind of professionalism is quite rare nowadays and I think this team is a real asset to your company. Although it's not something I want to hear from my friends, I'll definitely recommend your service to anyone in need.

Testimonial from Residential sector

I joined Rentokil pest control service about 9 months ago. For the majority of the past months, your service technician, Mr. Mak has provided services for my premises. Before joining the service, the problem of cockroach infection in my home was quite serious. After several professional treatments by Mr. Mak, the problem has now much improved and is under control. 

Therefore, I would very much like to thank Mr. Mak for his professionalism and constructive tips. Mr. Mak's dedicated and enthusiastic work attitude certainly deserves the commendation and recognition of the management of Rentokil. I look forward to be served by Mr. Mak again soon.

Testimonial from Residential sector

My family was so impressed. For dealing with my complaints and frustration to your salesperson, Mr. Chan had responded politely and professionally. He made an apology to us with compassion. I would like to say a big thanks to Mr. Chan for understanding our suffering and caring for us. Mr. Chan is a good representative of your company has an excellent complaints management system. He solved the problems quickly and helped us to arrange the dedicated service technicians, Mr. Ng and Mr. Mak to come to my home again. 

Mr. Chan not only worked so hard, but also he has been so patient and kind to us. When I texted him in the middle of the night or public holidays, he answered back with loving kindness and compassion. Again, thank you so much for your passionate attitudes and professional techniques.

Testimonial from Residential sector

I would like to give credits to your colleagues, Mr. Mak and Mr. Ng , who were at our location to pesticide our premises. I am pleased that they did a thorough job with their bug spraying around the house, answered all my questions politely and patiently as I was rather inquisitive about the bugs in my home. I trust both of them must be your best technicians. 

Your company is lucky to have a good customer care team and planning team including Ms. Chan and Ms. Lui. They are both attentive, polite and did a wonderful job in satisfying my requests and requirements. All in all I am thoroughly happy with the pesticide sessions and in particular, your staff.

Testimonial from Residential sector

I am writing to say thank you to your staff member Mr. Tung. Mr. Tung was very helpful and happy to communicate with his customers in the course of his job. I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Tung, and thank him for performing his duties in such a conscientious and helpful manner.

Testimonial from Residential sector

I would like to thank the two service technicians, Mr, Tung and Mr. Chan who came to my home over the last month to perform pest control service.

They were very professional, knowledgeable, polite and helpful! They provided good explanation, useful guidance on what needs to be done during and after the service, and they were thoughtful and flexible while conducting the service. As I was not home during two of the services, I called them to enquire about the condition of my home after they came. They were very nice and took the time to explain to me on the phone. I really appreciate this!

If I have friends who need pest control service, I would not hesitate to recommend these two technicians and your company.

Testimonial from Residential sector

Thank you very much for the Rentokil pest control service, I am happy with the service and my house is now cockroach free. This is my 4th contract with you, I would like to specially thank your technician, Mr. Mak. Mr. Mak knows his job very well, he has been visiting my old house and it is due to him that the new house is free of cockroaches. Mr Mak Chi Kong is a valuable asset to your organization and is very good at his work. Please say a special thanks to him from my side.

Thank you to the planning team Joan as well, you are also such a good help and always ready to help the customers with your prompt reply. In all, I am a happy Rentokil customer.

Testimonial from Residential sector

The bedbug treatment team was particularly exceptional, with Mr. Tung and Mr. Lok. The team was always on time or even early for each appointment, and they were very professional and patient answering every question and concern we had about bedbugs.

In fact, Mr. Tung went one step further and gave us his contact to reach out if we had any questions between each session. It was great to see they took the time to be very thorough and detailed with treating all the nooks and crannies, and problem areas. We would definitely recommend their services to our friends and family.

Thanks for the successful pest control treatment for our home.

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