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Drain line management

Green Drain™ Trap Seal Solution

Sewer odours often produce a foul smell in buildings including floor drains. This will in turn trigger the start of bacteria spread that causes potential health hazards. In fact, traditional floor drains could become an easy doorway for pests such as flies, cockroaches and rats to breed. In addition, the trap primers need to be replaced often and may become a hassle and disruption to homes and commercial spaces. Lastly, we need to also consider the regular chemical treatments as part of a premise maintenance regime, that costs both time and investment.

Green Drain™ Trap Seal Solution

Understanding contaminants such as stagnant water and sewer gases

Sewer gases are a by-product of decomposing human waste. Often the foul smell in building drains, showers and sinks are a result of plumbing failures, most likely by loss of or dried out trap. This is due to cracked pipes or air vents, evaporation, blockages somewhere altering the pressure in a building, sucking out the body of water leaving no protection. Sewer gases in small doses aren’t harmful, however in large doses can be toxic, nauseating, cause loss of consciousness and even death. Some commercial buildings install automatic trap primers with the sole purpose of pumping water into the drains to prime them.

Stagnant water in a trap contains bacteria, an ideal environment for pests to lay their larvae and breed. The bacteria adhere to the pipe and develops Biofilm, its own mucosal protective organism layer. Biofilm is self-sufficient, develops and travels. As it sheds it can become airborne, infiltrating our own living and working spaces and transmitting via air vents and air-conditioning units. This will in turn trigger the start of pathogen spread that causes potential health hazards throughout entire buildings.

Eliminate odour, germs, bugs and harmful gases the green way

Introducing the innovative waterless one-way trap valve for floor drains, it is easy to install and remove, and do not require caulk or expensive installation tools. As we are busy with our home activities and work commitment, the Green DrainTM Trap Seal saves significant amount of time, water, cost and energy to have them fitted. Suitable for locations including residential homes such as kitchen and bathroom and commercial environment, including food establishments, hotel accommodation, industrial compound, hospitals, schools, public venues and data centres.

Quick and hassle-free installation in 4 easy steps

Unlike complex installations and servicing, the deployment of the trap seal can be done in four easy steps.

Green drain installation

Features and benefits of Green Drain™ Trap Seal solution

It contains four flexible silicone sealing ribs to ensure easy installation into the openings that varies in size, and allow openinng and closing of drainage when theere is no water flow. They are HACCP certified in accordance with HACCP food safety standards and caters benefits including:

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Green and safe technology
  • Prevent pests, gas and sewer infiltration
  • Address drain odour and foul smell
  • Do not impair plumbing maintenance

International Accreditation accredited and backed by International industry standards such as HACCP, NSF, IAPMO, CE UPC Watermark and many other professional codes. Green Drain’s Self-Sealing design provides hygiene safety and peace of mind.

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