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Ekomille Rodent Control System

The First Eco-friendly Rat Trap

Rats are well known to spread disease, damage property and contaminate food and animal feed. If they are able to gain entry into your home or business, they can introduce other unwelcome parasites like fleas, lice and ticks.

Introducing Ekomille - an ecological mouse trap system provided by Rentokil Initial:

  • Patented mousetrap, tested effective in major cities such as New York.
  • Eco-friendly rodent control device, non-toxic and harmless to children and pets.
  • One placement for multiple automatic mouse traps, no need for additional personnel management.
  • The rodent control process is humane and silent without undesirable odor

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Why Innovative Rat Control is Critical?

Traditional rat poison baits may contain highly toxic substances, which may be ingested by children and pets and cause harm

Traditional methods may not kill rats in a short period of time, increasing animal suffering and affecting the business environment with noise

With traditional methods, rats can die in hard-to-find locations and emit unpleasant odors

What is Ekomille?

Ekomille is a revolutionary digital ecological mousetrap system for moderate or severe rodent infestation areas.

According to the data from the Hong Kong government's "Rodent Control Operation" in 2022, new types of mouse traps such as Ekomille (or called "alcohol mouse traps" by Mr. Tse Chin-wan, Secretary for the Environment and Ecology) have increased the efficiency of rodent control by nearly 50 times, significantly improving the rodent control situation in wet markets and other public environments.

Ekomille automatic mousetrap does not use any toxic chemicals. It can repeatedly trap multiple mice after installation, and it will not emit unpleasant smells, keeping the surrounding environment clean and hygienic.

Ekomille is the first patented mouse trap system developed with the concept of ecology and environmental protection. It was developed after 20 years of professional research on the biological habits of mice. It is a pioneer product in the field of ecological rodent pest control methods.

  • Applicable to various indoor and outdoor places such as markets, restaurants, companies, hospitals, schools, farms, factories, etc.
  • Control rats in a more humane way, advanced CO2 version quickly surpress rodents within 5 minutes
  • Non-toxic and harmless to pets and children
How Ekomille Rodent Control Device Works
How Ekomille Rodent Control Device Works

How the Ekomille Ecological Mousetrap Works

The Ekomille mousetrap is comprehensively targeted at the rodent population, as it contains natural food such as dry food etc. And all its ingredients do not contain poisonous or harmful substances. This distinguishes Ekomille from other approaches of preventing rats.

Inside the trap includes a mini ladder with food bait to lure rodents, while the indicator outside displays the number of mice caught. 

When the mouse is attracted by the natural food placed inside and enters the upper layer of the device, the sensor inside the device will be triggered, causing the mouse to automatically fall down into the lower layer of the water tank filled with alcohol and then surpressed quickly. The whole process is fast and humane, which reduces the pain of the mice themselves and minimizes the impact on the environment.

Compared with traditional mouse trapping methods, such as poison bait or mouse glue board, the Ekomille mouse trap does not require frequent monitoring, maintenance, and replacement. The whole device is reusable, and is a more environmentally friendly, safe, hygienic and efficient way of catching mice.

  • The rodent control process is fast and humane
  • Counting dial shows the number of mice caught
  • No toxic chemicals and bad smell, improve hygiene quality


Rentokil x FEHD Wet Market Rodent Control Projects

FEHD Cooperation Projects Involved Markets

Shek Tong Tsui Market

Tai Shing Street Market

Ngau Tau Kok Market Cooked Food Centre

Steps of FEHD Wet Market Rodent Control Project

Step1: Questionnaire study for the rodent control pain points and facts

Step 2: Onsite implementation

Step 3: Onsite demonstration

Step 4: Educational Game Booth with Public

Step 5: Educational talk for rodent control

Step 6: Performance survey, vendors revisiting and optimising control methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ekomille Automatic Mousetrap requires proximity to a power source? What tools are needed to operate it?

Ekomille only needs dry battery to operate for a long time without external power supply or charging, so it is suitable for any indoor and outdoor situations. Only need to add food bait and add approved sanitizing-formula-alcohol to the bottom tank to operate.

How many mice can Ekomille trap at a time? How do I know how many rats the device has caught?

Ekomille can trap up to 20 mice in one placement. The number of mice caught is displayed on the outside of the mousetrap. When it is full, Rentokil's experts will come to collect the mice and replace them for disinfection.

What is an "alcohol mousetrap"? How does it relate to the Ekomille automatic mousetrap?

In response to media interviews, the government referred to the Ekomille as an "alcohol mousetrap," which is actually the same device. According to the data provided by the government, from July to November 2022, 84 rats have been caught in less than three months, which has achieved remarkable results. 

Media Reports

After the actual test of the Hong Kong Rodent Control Operation starting in 2022, the Ekomille ecological mousetrap has performed well and has been reported by the media many times: 


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