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Rat control

Rats can spread these diseases, cause considerable damage and contaminate food if they manage to gain access into your home or business. Professional rat removal is the quickest and most effective way to get rid of rats. Expert services of Rentokil Hong Kong offer a reliable form of rat control and a long term solution to a rat infestation.

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Our revolutionary rodent-control system – Ekomille Ecological Rodent Control System is a digitalized multi-trap unit to control heavy rodent infestations. It completely targets the rodent population because the natural food contained within such as dry food, and all its components are without the use of toxic or poisonous substances.

Rentokil’s award-winning family of digital pest control solutions, PestConnect is an innovative and rigorously tested rat snap trap developed to meet the needs of businesses that require a non-toxic solution to protect their premises from internal rat activity. 

Rentokil’s Dual Autogate Connect is a first-of-its-kind, patented rodent bait station designed to enhance your exterior rodent protection program. It’s an effective detection, monitoring and baiting solution for rodents. It provides time and date stamp data on rat activity delivered through Rentokil’s online reporting and analysis system, myRentokil

Rodent baiting

Rentokil’s large selection of baits is suitable for use indoors and outdoors, are installed and distributed through bait stations as part of a customized rat control program for homes and businesses. The rat bait or rodenticide contained within the bait station is accessible to rats and offers an effective solution to your rat problem. It is safe to use even in areas where children or pets may be present. The rat bait or rodenticide contained within the device is only accessible to rats and offers an effective solution to your rat problem.

Rodent education and training

Hygiene and housekeeping should be a key focus with thorough, regular cleaning taking place frequently to avoid rat infestation. Early detection of rat problems and dealing with them as soon as possible means saving costs in the long run. Rentokil can provide practical tips and training on food safety and storage practices, property maintenance, and reducing overall attractants to rat species.

Your local rat control professionals

All Rentokil technicians are highly qualified and trained to industry standards. Rentokil Hong Kong fulfills the global standards and was awarded the ISO Certifications by BSI - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Our local teams offer a wide range of global innovations and termite control solutions for the most effective outcome.

Rat control expertise
Protecting commercial and residential properties from rat damage for over 55 years
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Member of Pest Control Personnel Association of Hong Kong (PCPA). Experienced local technicians
Safe, effective solutions
A broad range of rat management options to suit your business or home needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if the rats are gone?

The following signs can indicate that the rats have been eliminated:

  1. No more sightings: If you no longer see rats in your home or property, this is a good indication that the treatment has been successful.

  2. No more droppings: Rats leave droppings behind as they move around, so if you are no longer finding any droppings, it could mean that the rats have been eliminated.

  3. No more gnaw marks: Rats have a tendency to gnaw on things, so if you are no longer finding any gnaw marks on your furniture, walls, or other structures, it could mean that the rats have been eliminated.

  4. No more sounds: Rats can be noisy creatures, so if you are no longer hearing any scratching, squeaking, or scurrying sounds, it could mean that the rats have been eliminated.

It is important to continue monitoring your property and practicing good sanitation habits to prevent future infestations. If you have any concerns or doubts, it is best to contact the professional pest control company that performed the treatment for further guidance.

Will rats return to the same place?

After professional rodent treatment, rodents may return to the same location if proper precautions are not taken. Rats are notoriously stubborn, and if there is still a food source or entry point, they can find a way back.

Identifying and sealing potential entry points, such as gaps and holes in walls, floors, and roofs, is critical to preventing rodent re-infestation. In addition, it is also important to practice good hygiene habits, store food in airtight containers, wipe up spills and debris immediately, and dispose of trash regularly.

We also recommend that you continue to monitor your property for signs of rodent activity. Rentokil's digital pest control solution is the perfect choice for rat tracking and monitoring, keeping your mind free and safe from rat infestation.

How much does rat control cost?

Your rat control costs will ultimately reflect the time and effort it will take to manage them in your home or business. The first step in determining the cost of rat control is fully understanding the problem. How do I get rid of rats in my house or business? Why are there rats in my house or business? How do you deal with a rat problem?

To answer all the above questions, Rentokil will need to visit your property to inspect for rats. Following this, the below factors will determine the most suitable rat treatment and its associated costs.

Size of premises

The larger the property, the more time required to successfully locate and treat the rat problem. This will have an effect on the cost of the treatment.

Type of treatment

The treatment required to address the rat infestation will relate to the overall costs of the service. There may be a need to combine rat control treatments methods and use them in conjunction with each other, whilst other times one method may suffice.

Number of treatment

Sometimes rat management requires multiple treatments for successful control. This can be reflected with the pricing of the rat control service.

The severity of rat infestation

The size and extent of the rat infestation in your home or business affect the costs of the rat treatment service. Problem rats are often perceived as those that have established residence within a property. They are commonly soldier rats on a mission to return to their nest with food supply.

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