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Noises in the Attic

Noises in the attic are worrying and can be an indication that rodents or other wildlife may be living in your roof.

Attics (lofts or ceiling cavities) are ideal environments for possums, rats and mice, who damage stored items and electric cabling by gnawing and possibly causing fires. They are also ideal environments for nesting birds that can spread disease, mites and fleas.

Noises should be investigated quickly - nests and droppings become ideal breeding sites for insects, which may then carry nasty bugs and diseases into your home.

Inspect your attic and look for visible signs of habitation, commonly their droppings.

Identify Pests by Sounds and Droppings

Mice Signs

Sounds - Scratching and Gnawing. Dropping - Thin, spindle - shaped (pointed ends), about ½ cm long.

Rats Signs

Sounds - Scratching and Gnawing. Dropping - Brown Rat - blunt, spindle - shaped, 1½ to 2cm. Black Rat - pointed, 1½ cm long.

Birds Signs

Sounds - Vocals and Flapping. Dropping - Pigeons or other birds in the attic create mess, health risks and noise.

Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

Mice need to be treated quickly, to avoid an infestation taking hold. Initial defence is to proof your attic against entry. We have a very effective, professional service for controlling mice.

Learn more about mice and our expert mouse control for your home.

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