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What is a pest risk assessment?

A pest risk assessment is a no-cost, no-obligation, critical analysis of your premises, based on an in-depth investigation of all areas at risk, including your buildings and surrounds, delivery and storage areas, production areas, machinery and equipment, packaging and shipping, and waste storage areas.

This provides a complete overview of your current pest-control needs and considers future risks in your unique environment in compliance with local regulations and standards.


Pest control solutions tailored to your business

We provide bespoke recommendations to manage the risk of pest infestation, suggesting an integrated pest management solution tailored for each site and business. We apply a systematic approach to prevent and control pests that minimises the impact on people and the environment.

Global insights, local expertise

Our service technicians are certified in the latest prevention and treatment techniques for the pests that affect your business.

We combine our expertise in regulatory compliance, research and development and technical knowledge to protect your business against pests. More than half a million commercial customers in over 80 countries partner with Rentokil as the experts in pest control.

Proactive pest management

Our pest inspections identify pest problems early, helping you to plan measures to mitigate the risk of future infestations. We’ve developed a tailored approach to integrated pest management that enables us to provide industry-leading solutions for pest control:

  • Exclusion: physical exclusion and pest-proofing of business premises
  • Restriction: containing the spread of pest infestations if they have gained access through the removal of food and harborage sites
  • Destruction: innovative, targeted pest control measures to effectively eliminate pest infestations
  • Monitoring: a full range of pest monitoring tools to ensure protection measures are working and to provide early warning of potential risks

Partner with Rentokil and take the first step towards total peace of mind with a pest risk assessment today.

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