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PestConnect is a system of devices that detect, capture or humanely kill a variety of pests using traps, bait stations and monitoring units. These devices have been developed using our unique capabilities in research into pest behaviour and product development at our Global Technical Centre, which include:

  • The devices have infrared sensors that can detect a pest and activate a trap or allow access to bait.
  • These then send the activation data to a database on the Rentokil server, which then automatically triggers alerts to both Rentokil technicians and customers via a dedicated wireless or GSM mobile network.
  • It is integrated with our customer portal, myRentokil which provides a range of information management facilities for enabling integrated pest management (IPM).

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How can businesses benefit from PestConnect?

The use of leading technology enables Rentokil to provide a unique pest control service that provides:

  • continuous automated monitoring and protection against pests
  • effective and immediate treatment to control and minimise negative business impacts
  • fast response from skilled technicians who will identify sources of infestations and any further action needed
  • easy-to-access, real-time reporting gives immediate status of incidents online; and improved audit compliance provides additional assurance to third-party auditors.


myRentokil is a secure portal that integrates with the PestConnect system and is provided to Rentokil’s customers for the management of their pest control activities. It provides a full range of risk-based reporting capabilities to help businesses comply with auditing requirements.

The system provides:

  • accurate records and demonstrates complete transparency of all pest activity and pest prevention and control measures;
  • 24/7 information access from a range of smart devices;
  • pest prevention recommendations with priority status updates; intuitive user interface for ease of use;
  • multi-site capabilities supported by site plans, with the ability to drill down to the level of detail required;
  • trend analysis of pest activity, including reports to support legislative reporting and auditing requirements for potential risks to be anticipated and preventative measures to be taken;
  • customised user reporting with the ability to schedule reports as required, as well as being able to download documents too.

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