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4 great ways your business can safeguard for the future

As countries around the world plan on how to return to normal economic activity following COVID-19 lockdowns, organisations are preparing to re-open. While it’s important that there are measures in place to protect employees and customers as they return to your premises, arranging safeguards for the future is also essential.

Ongoing pest and hygiene services and measures can keep your business safe now and if further lockdown restrictions are enforced in the future.  

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way people regard their safety on premises. Employees and customers now expect ongoing reassurance that their safety is taken care of and businesses need suitable plans – that involve maintaining hygiene and reducing risks from pest infestations – to meet these expectations.

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1.     Consultancy services

COVID 19 consultancy services

For hygiene

In many buildings, there are common hotpots, such as communal areas or frequently touched objects, where germs can spread easily in the air, on surfaces or from person to person. Targeting these areas requires a holistic approach that combats transmission at every point where cross-contamination can occur.

Our hygiene experts offer a full survey and assessment of hygiene risk areas on your premises and develop the most effective package tailored to the needs of your business. Our customers receive advice on how and where integrated hygiene solutions should be provided to optimise usage and provide continual protection for staff.

For pests

There are specific areas in your business where pest risks are higher, such as entry points where they can gain access. Expertise on pest species, activity and behaviours is essential to identify these risk locations and implement appropriate solutions that may include proofing, monitoring and elimination.

Our pest experts have years of experience and use their knowledge to thoroughly inspect your premises and recommend efficient pest management solutions that keep your employees, customers, equipment and buildings protected.

2.     Staff education

COVID 19 staff education

Ensuring that your employees maintain good personal hygiene is an important way to keep them safe. Every 60 seconds, a working adult touches as many as 30 objects that may be contaminated by bacteria or viruses[1] so establishing a positive hand hygiene culture in your business can significantly reduce germ transmission.

By providing staff with educational materials to encourage good hygiene, such as guides, posters placed around the workplace and check sheets to reinforce the need for good hygiene, you can help spread awareness of what good practices involve.

3.     Personal protection packages

COVID 19 personal protection packages

While the spread of COVID-19 continues to be a huge concern, giving your staff the solutions they need to protect themselves helps keep them, and others around them, safe and demonstrates you care about their wellbeing.

Personal protection packages provide cleaning staff with appropriate PPE, such as masks, gloves and coveralls, and give all staff, including those working from home, a hygiene package consisting of at least a personal sanitiser and surface-sanitising wipes.

4.     Continuity plans

COVID 19 continuity plans

Once you have appropriate safety measures in place, it’s important to plan for possible future outbreaks of COVID-19 and subsequent closures that may disrupt your business operations. 

Continuity plans ensure your property stays protected during any closure, minimise the impact of pests on your business and help enable a quicker return to work. As pest control is an ‘essential service’, our technicians continue to perform regular inspections during periods of lockdown, identifying and limiting any pest activity on your premises. We also offer remote monitoring and round-the-clock reporting via our online customer portal – myRentokil – that can be accessed from wherever you’re working.

Keeping you safe as you re-open and beyond

COVID 19 office worker

If you’re considering how your business will operate in the ‘new normal’, we can help with your plans. Demonstrate a proactive approach to safety, reassure your staff and have peace of mind that your business is ready in the event of further restrictions with our expert solutions and services.

Adjusting to the new world: Keeping you safe now and in the future

A range of services to help protect your employees and business in this new COVID-19 world.

  • Recovery pest control services to eliminate any pest issues that may have occurred during closure.
  • Integrated hygiene services for safer, working environments. This includes hand hygiene, air purification and surface hygiene.
  • Proactive pest and hygiene services to safeguard your business and provide employee reassurance and peace of mind. Protecting your people and premises now and in the future.
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