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Quick, safe and effective pest control services to help protect you, your family and property from pest infestations and their associated risks.

Rentokil provides quick, safe and responsive pest control solutions, delivered by local technicians, and backed by the assurance that comes with the Rentokil name. We provide a wide range of residential treatments for general pest problems such as ants, fleas, flies, cockroaches, rats, spiders, mice and other pests that cause issues to New Zealand households.

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DIY vs professional pest control: Which is best for you

Whether the pests you’ve found in your home are ants, rodents, flies or spiders, one thing is for sure: you’ll want to nip it in the bud before the infestation gets worse. The question then is, how best to go about it? Some homeowners will swear by their tried-and-tested DIY methods while others will insist on hiring a professional pest control specialist.

So, which is the better option? The answer really depends on the situation. Here, we’ll break down the factors to consider when choosing between DIY and professional pest control.

Size of the infestation

An infestation of any size is a problem, but when deciding what to do about it, you will want to consider the scale of the infestation. If you notice a few rogue ants or mosquitoes in your home, a DIY or store-bought plan of attack will probably do the trick. There are plenty of methods for dealing with small pest problems - traps, store-bought pesticides and homemade solutions - as long as implemented correctly, they should prove relatively effective in improving the situation.

That said, sometimes these methods eradicate only the immediate problem (a number of ants on your kitchen counter) instead of the root cause of the infestation (a colony of ants hidden by the kitchen window). This means that even if your DIY solution works in the short-term, you may still have a recurring problem on your hands. If the pests keep returning, it may be time to call in the professionals to deal with the problem at its source.

If there are large swarms of pests in your home or on your property, it may be too late to implement a DIY solution. Your best bet for any large-scale infestations is to hire a professional pest control right away.


Upfront, the cost of a professional pest controller is higher than that of a DIY solution. However, if your DIY approach is not addressing the root cause of the infestation, you might end up spending more money trying out different solutions than you would have had you called in the professionals to begin with. It is something to consider before embarking on your DIY journey.


DIY pest control can be as simple as picking up a product from your weekly grocery shop. In some instances, you may not even have to leave your home as there are plenty of DIY hacks that involve household staples. But professional pest control is convenient too, with a trained technician managing the logistics of the extermination, you won’t have to worry about having the right equipment, the right quantities or correct application of potentially-hazardous products.


DIY pest control products may contain harsh chemicals not commonly used in the household. Incorrect or excessive use of these products may present a safety risk to yourself, children, pets and other members of your household. Hiring a professional pest controller will significantly reduce the risk of harm to anyone’s health or wellbeing.


As previously mentioned, DIY jobs are generally only effective for small-scale pest problems. If you are dealing with larger-scale infestation, a professional job is more likely to be effective.

Just a bit of feedback. Thanks for your prompt service, which was much appreciated. Your service technician was very personable and knowledgeable. As a HASNO auditor, I was very impressed with his attitude towards PPE. Early indications are that the moth treatment has been fully successful. We would recommend your company for others needing a pest control service

Dave & Sue L.

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