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How to prevent cockroaches

Your property could be an ideal breeding ground for cockroaches. There are multiple ways they can gain entry to buildings.

How to deter mice

Let’s face it, mice in your home or business can be a big nuisance, damage property and cause health risks. Luckily there are many ways you can prevent them from accessing your property.

Rat prevention

Find practical ways on how you can deter rats in your home or business and prevent an infestation and get professional services to control a problem.

Crawling insects and how to get rid of them

Crawling insects, such as cockroaches, carry a range of serious illnesses including salmonella, dysentery, gastro-enteritis and typhoid. Learn more.

How to get rid of ants

In the commercial environment ants are more than just a nuisance. They can cost you money and harm your reputation. This is particularly true in organisations that handle food or need to keep areas sterile.

How to keep flies away

Worried about flies? Rentokil’s experts give their advice on practical steps you can take to prevent flies in your home or business.

How to prevent ants

Ants can be a nuisance to any home or business. Contact Rentokil now for expert advice on how to prevent an ant invasion on your property.

How to prevent mosquitos

Preventing mosquitoes in your home or business. Tips and advice on mosquito repellents to keep problems from recurring or happening in the first place

How to prevent wasps

Several fly species are attracted to food odours generated in homes, commercial kitchens, retail stores, food processing factories and farms. These include house flies, fruit flies, drain flies and blow flies.

How to get rid of silverfish

Find out how to deter and get rid of silverfish from your home by taking these simple, yet effective measures.

How to get rid of pests in food

Find out how stored product pest management can help to get rid of pests in food using space sprayers, dusting and auto-aerosol spraying devices.

Preventing flea problems

Expert tips on how to prevent flea problems in your home or business. Professional solutions and services for large or frequent flea infestations.

How to prevent bed bugs

Having bed bugs is a nightmare for travellers and hotels. Learn how you can prevent bed bugs from entering your home or hotel.