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Common species of pest in food

Find out about common types of pests found in food in New Zealand, including the Khapra Beetle, Rust-Red Flour Beetle, Tobacco Moth and many more.

Top 10 house pests

Common Household Pests? Learn about the top 10 pests that could be lurking around your home.

Noises in the attic

Do You Keep Hearing Strange Noises in the Loft? Let Our Experts Solve the Mystery. Call Rentokil Today to Speak to One of Our Friendly Team.

Biting insects

Worried about stinging insects? Learn about the difference between stings and bites, how to identify and how to treat them.

Flying insects

Flying insects within the home are not just a nuisance, some flies such as bluebottles & house flies can contaminate foodstuffs. Contact us for fly control.

Stinging insects

Worried about stinging insects? Learn about the difference between stings and bites, how to identify wasp and bee stings, and how to treat them.

Bird diseases

Find out about the different diseases known to be spread by pest birds and get professional bird control to avoid these associated health hazards.

Pests in food processing

Pest control is an essential part of Good Manufacturing Practice in food processing from a hygiene, economic and regulatory viewpoint.

Bed bug bites

Think you’ve been bitten by a bed bug? Read some of the common signs of bed bug bites and how to distinguish them from other insect bites.

Food safety for hotels and restaurants

Good hygiene practices including personal hygiene, sanitation practices and building maintenance are essential to ensure food safety.

Flea bites

Get tips on how to identify flea bites from what they look like and areas on your body they may occur to how your body may react to multiple bites

Food-borne illnesses

Food-borne illnesses like Salmonella and E.coli are public health problems across the globe, which can be prevented through good food safety practices.

Pests in food

Learn about pests commonly found in food and the health hazard and general damage stored product insects can cause in homes and businesses

Top pests in hotels and commercial kitchens

Learn about the hazards from the main food and room pests, the signs of infestation and how to control them, including cockroaches, rats, mice and bed bugs.

Mosquito bites

Find facts and information about mosquito bites and how to avoid getting bitten. Learn how to treat a bite and how to deal with severe reactions

Top pests in food retail

Rodents, cockroaches, flies, birds and ants can cause economic loss to food retail businesses and threaten public health

Food legislation for pest control

Rentokil is your professional partner when it comes to food legislation pest control in compliance with industry best practice and statutory obligations.

Treating textile pests

Find out how to control and treat textile pests with insecticides, non-chemical treatments, like vacuuming, and more specialist heat treatment solutions.

Food safety for your business

Learn about the strict food safety standards and regulations along the food supply chain and its impact on businesses handling food.

Wasp stings

Why do wasps sting? Learn the reason for their attack and see our tips on how to avoid painful stings and useful wasp sting treatment

Food safety

The impact of food safety and good food hygiene in food preparation businesses like hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes.

10 ways to ensure food safety

Follow 10 ways to assure food safety, helping to ensure legal compliance and safer food to protect your customers and brand reputation.

The impact of the Internet of Things on the food supply chain

Learn more about how new technologies like the Internet of Things and cloud computing solve problems across the food supply chain.