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Signs of infestation

Think you have bed bugs? Rentokil’s experts tell you the common signs of bed bugs and where they can be found.

What do fleas look like? What are the signs of fleas? A check list of ways to find out whether you’ve a flea problem - from the flea experts.

Insects in stored food, known as SPIs, and the signs to look for with an infestation to avoid damage to raw materials & foodstuffs.

Explore our guide on battling fleas, understanding their life cycle, spotting infestation signs, and implementing effective prevention measures. Keep your home and pets protected from fleas with expert tips and advice from Rentokil.

Hints and tips to help you recognise when you have a wood borer problem in your furniture, building structure and other wooden belongings.

See how to identify signs of textile pest activity, including faeces, shed skin, larvae, eggs and visible damage on woollen products and knitted goods.

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