Urgent public safety notice

Issued 13th June 2024

Urgent Public Safety Notice

Subject: Urgent notice with regard to the theft and possible exposure to Feratox
(encapsulated cyanide)
Trade Name Feratox
Product No: RC101, RC102, RC103

It has come to Rentokil Initial’s attention that there has been a theft of a locked box and
backpack, both containing Feratox (encapsulated cyanide) product units from a location in
the Waikato region of the Upper North Island, New Zealand. This theft occurred overnight
from 12/13 June 2024 and the current location of the box and backpack is currently
unknown. Police and all relevant authorities including the EPA and Waikato Regional
Council, have been notified.

Feratox is used for the control of Possums and Dama Wallaby and is hazardous (and
therefore toxic) according to the EPA Hazardous Substances (Classification) Notice

Please see below images of Feratox, in its packaging and in pellet form. As well as an image
of the backpack that was also stolen.

If you come across this material please do not touch. Please report immediately to police
on 111 and the EPA 0800 225 537.

If you have come in contact please seek medical attention immediately and reference the
attached safety data sheet for further instructions.

For any further information / media enquiries please contact:-

Paul Cochrane
Managing Director, New Zealand
M: +64 27 427 2153
E: [email protected]

Images of Feratox (Encapsulated Cyanide) capsule, container, packaging below for
reference as well as image of backpack stolen