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Bed bugs

Want to know more about bed bugs? Find detailed scientific information on the bed bug species (Cimex lectularius).

Common mouse species

There are many different types of mice present in Australia. Two species considered to be a major pest in this country is the Field Mouse and the common House Mouse.

Common rat species

Find out about common rat species found in New Zealand including the Brown rat (Rattus rattus) and the Black rat (Rattus norvegicus).

Spider species

The majority of spiders cannot harm anyone. They are unpleasant to look at and their webs can cause a mess. From Tarantula to Common House Spider, we can give you more information about these creatures to help you get over your fears.

Fly species

Flies can regularly be found in homes and businesses across New Zealand. Some species are more common than others and are attracted to different environments suited to their natural habits and lifecycle.

Wasp and bee species

Learn about common wasp and bee species found in New Zealand. Find out which species sting or swarm and are valuable to our ecosystem

Ant species

Researching on the type of ants you might have in your property? Rentokil shares our expert knowledge on the common ant species found in New Zealand.

Cockroach species

Learn about common types of cockroaches found in New Zealand, including the German, Oriental, Brown Banded and American cockroach.

Common flea species

Find facts and information about common flea species in New Zealand such as Bird Fleas, Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas.

Woodborer species

Find out about different wood borer species, like the Furniture Beetle, Death Watch Beetle, House Long Horn Beetle and Powder Post Beetle.

What is the difference between a rat and a mouse?

There are just three species of rat and mouse that are by far the most prevalent and important pests in homes and businesses worldwide due to their ability to adapt to the human environment.

Common bird species

Find out more about common pest bird species found in New Zealand including House Sparrow, Indian Myna, Seagulls and Pigeons.

Mosquito species

Find facts and information about mosquito species, including the Anopheles Mosquito, Aedes Mosquito, Culex Mosquito and the Dark Winged Fungus Gnat

Species of textile pests

Learn about common species of textiles pests found in New Zealand, including the Webbing & Case-bearing Clothes Moth and Variegated Carpet Beetle

How to identify silverfish

Find out more about the behaviour and biology of silverfish, as well as their appearance and lifecycle.