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Digital pest control

Take your pest management to new levels of efficiency and control with connected pest control solutions from Rentokil.

Every year, pests pose a big risk for businesses in a range of industries such as Food and Beverage Processing and Hospitality. They damage stock, disrupt operations, hit revenue and pose threats to health, safety and compliance. Protecting facilities 24/7 against these fast-evolving pest threats can be challenging, particularly in areas difficult to monitor for pest activity or areas that are automated or unmanned.

In an age of digital transformation, the power of technology can be used to create efficiencies and work smarter. Our digital pest control solutions take pest management to new levels of efficiency and control. By combining sensor technology and wireless communications, mixed with unrivalled expertise, data, analytics and reporting they help you proactively manage and prevent pest infestations, whether you have a single site or multiple sites across the country, even globally.


Rentokil’s intelligent pest management system, providing 24/7 remote monitoring and immediate control of rodents.


Putting you in real-time control of your business’ pest management.

Digital pest management: Stay one step ahead of pests

The modern world and its efficiencies - urbanisation, global trade - are evolving at such a rapid pace that constantly introduces growing and emerging pest threats. New challenges of increasing pest and business pressures can be met by utilising new technology, such as IoT and cloud computing to help monitor, manage and control pest threats more effectively than ever before.

Superior 24/7 control

365 pest monitoring of premises to detect pest activity in real-time, enabling  rapid response to minimise potential damage and prevent infestations

Unparalleled insights

Provides transparent and traceable data, identifying current and emerging risks across your operations in real-time to implement targeted interventions

Enhanced visibility

Provides service records, recommendations and pest activity insights across multiple premises

Targeted and effective treatments

Provide businesses with detailed insights on pest behaviour, allowing our experts to collaborate with customers to implement more targeted and effective treatments.

Compliance management

Automated reporting in compliance with ever-evolving pest management regulation

Environmentally Friendly

Using a combination of non-toxic and low-risk treatments to minimise the impact on the environment