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24/7 digital pest management and remote monitoring

PestConnect uses the latest pest control technology to provide customers across the globe with round-the-clock digital pest management.

PestConnect is an innovative digital pest control system that provides 24/7 monitoring and proactive pest prevention for your commercial premises. It is designed to protect businesses of all sizes, including those legally required to adhere to specific legislations, meet strict auditing compliance and have high-value assets to protect.

With PestConnect, you can say goodbye to the traditional pest control approach that involves reactive treatments after pests have already caused damage. Instead, PestConnect takes a proactive approach to pest management by continuously monitoring your premises for pest activity and alerting our pest control experts at the first sign of activity to allow immediate action before an infestation takes hold.

Digital pest control systems for superior pest monitoring and management

Rentokil's connected solutions employ advanced infrared and wireless technology to provide continuous monitoring, rapid response, and unmatched protection against pests around the clock. These solutions operate independently and discreetly, without any impact on your business operations and offer the following advantages:

Proactive pest monitoring

PestConnect provides businesses with continuous, round-the-clock pest monitoring. The pest control devices in the Connect family employ leading infrared technology to proactively monitor your premises 24/7, 365 days a year.

Real-time alerts

As soon as a PestConnect unit is triggered, the device sends an alert to Rentokil with the time and location of the pest activity.


Rapid response pest control

A local Rentokil pest control technician will be in contact to schedule a service visit at a time of your convenience to investigate the pest activity and make follow-up recommendations.

Online reporting and analysis

All pest activity and service history is recorded on our online customer portal, myRentokil. This provides you with 24/7 accessible, real-time information including risk assessments, recommendations and trends, offering complete transparency to support third-party compliance audits.

Optimisation through smart data

During every service visit, your Rentokil pest control technician will survey the premises to identify any signs of potential infestations and provide comprehensive recommendations around preventive pest management for a zero-tolerance approach to pest.

Meet the PestConnect Family

PestConnect's network of connected devices use a combination of non-toxic and intelligent solutions to detect, monitor, capture, and eliminate rodents while minimising environmental impact. They are designed for various business environments and reduce the amount of rodenticide usage compared to traditional methods.

RADAR Connect

Designed specifically for high high-riskness environments, RADAR Connect is a humane, bait-free mouse trap suited for use in sensitive internal areas where the use of rodenticide is not an option.

These hygienic, unobtrusive units work by allowing mice to enter from either end, containing the mouse within when consecutive infrared beams are triggered. Carbon dioxide is then released into the sealed container, causing rapid hypercarbia - widely recognised as a humane method of rodent control

Dual AutoGate Connect

Utilising patented technology, the Dual AutoGate Connect offers a technology-enabled solution to control access to toxic rat bait and is safe for use in high-risk areas.

Dual AutoGate Connect ensures legal compliance whilst delivering rapid protection against rat infestations. Suited for businesses with high-risk areas as bait is kept in a separate, secure compartment until an infestation is proven.


Rat Riddance Connect

Designed to meet stringent regulatory compliance and auditing requirements of businesses, Rat Riddance Connect is a traditional spring-loaded snap trap with built-in sensors that can detect a rat capture.

This non-toxic solution ensures peace of mind for sectors such as Food processing, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare who implement a zero-tolerance policy to pests.

PestConnect Control Panel

The PestConnect Control Panel serves as the intermediary between the endpoint devices and the cloud, enabling seamless connectivity. It has the capacity to connect up to 300 devices per control panel and plays a crucial role in providing companies with a comprehensive view of pest control data on our online reporting system, myRentokil.