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Fly control

Flies pose a health risk to humans, pets and livestock; they can infest properties and businesses, spreading diseases such as Salmonella and E.coli. Left uncontrolled, a small fly problem has the potential to turn quickly into a serious infestation, with some fly species able to mature from eggs to adults in just seven days.

With ongoing training and treatments employing the latest innovations and technologies, Rentokil is best placed to offer the most effective range of fly control treatments available in New Zealand.

LED insect light trap (ILT) 

We have created one of the most innovative and modern solutions to help businesses combat fly infestations. The Lumnia range of commercial insect light traps harnesses the power of LED technologies to attract, kill and encapsulate flies hygienically, reducing the risk of contamination.

Fly bait

A fast acting and versatile bait formulation for the control of flies in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Attractants within the bait entice flies to feed on treated surfaces, picking up the lethal dose.

Automatic fly aerosol unit

To ensure effective control, Rentokil’s fly aerosol units are an automatic dispensing system designed to hold an aerosol can of Pyrethrin insecticide to deter flying insects. The units emit a burst of non-allergenic & odourless spray at 15 minute intervals, 24 hours a day or on custom settings as per your fly control needs.

Fly Box

The Rentokil Fly Box is a unique fly control unit designed to effectively control the number of flies around external refuse areas of a premises; before they enter the building and potentially spread disease. The unit requires no electricity and is therefore highly flexible in where it can be deployed. 

Fly Bag

An effective, non-chemical fly control method, the Fly Bag attracts flies with odours emitted from its safe, food-based fly attractant contained within. Flies enter through the small holes at the top of the Fly Bag  and are contained, unable to escape.

Fly fogging and spraying

Fly populations can sometimes breed into the hundreds, making insecticidal mist or fog ideal for minimising large-scale or severe fly infestations. Fogging and misting treatments involve the release of a powerful insecticide smoke or mist into the atmosphere, penetrating the hardest-to-reach places, killing all flies in its path.

Fly management services

Using a professional fly control service is the most effective way to guarantee the complete removal of flies from your business. Your Rentokil expert will follow the ERDM (Exclusion, Restriction, Destruction, Monitoring)  approach to ensure your long-term protection.

How to prepare for your fly treatment

Once you’ve booked in with us, see how you can best prepare for our service visit with the below list of prep steps to ensure effective minimisation of flies in your home.


Your local fly control professionals

All Rentokil technicians are highly qualified and trained to industry standards. Our local teams offer a wide range of global innovations and fly control solutions for the most effective outcome.

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How much does fly control cost?

The pricing of treating a fly infestation will vary. Long term support, in the form of an integrated pest management program, will have an impact on the price of fly control services provided.

There is a list of factors that will affect the price of fly control. These include:

Size of infestation

If many flies are present, you may require more extensive treatment. Often, the current fly infestation will need to be managed before an integrated fly management solution commences.

Type of treatment

The location of the flies, be inside or outside your property, will effect the type of fly management treatment. A combination of treatments may be selected to target all lines of defence.

Size of property

The square footage of your property and premises will have a direct impact on the type of fly control treatment used and the number of follow-up treatments required.


For Rentokil to provide you with an accurate price for treating a fly infestation, it requires our expert local surveyors to fully understand the extent of the infestation in order for them to recommend and quote for the appropriate treatment.


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