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Fly control methods

Using a professional fly control service is the most effective way to guarantee the complete removal of flies from your business. Your Rentokil expert will follow the Exclusion, Restriction, Destruction, Monitoring (ERDM) approach to ensure your long-term protection:



Proofing of doors, windows, roof vents, etc. to prevent flies entering a premises.


General good housekeeping practices to remove possible fly breeding sites.


Use of the correct fly control treatment for your individual circumstances.


Inspection during regular visits.


Once a survey of your premises is complete, your Rentokil expert will recommend a fly control treatment program specially for your needs. It may include one, or a combination, of the following.  

Used in conjunction with ERDM practices you will have effective, long-term protection from flies for your business.

LED insect light trap (ILT)

Lumnia’s innovative LED insect light traps (ILTs) are the modern solution to an age-old problem — attracting and containing flying insects quickly and securely and keeping them out of sight.    

Designed for a range of environments to quickly and efficiently reduce the risk of flies, Lumnia was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation 2020 for being the world’s first commercial range of insect light traps that use LED lighting rather than traditional fluorescent tubes, reducing energy usage by up to 70%

  • A range of discreet, highly effective fly control solutions designed to protect and suit every type of business need and environment
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Encapsulates flies hygienically

Fly bait

This water-dispersible sugar-based fly bait is used for the control of house flies.  The granule formulation is mixed with water and used as a

spray bait formulation for the control of adult house flies and lesser house flies.  

Containing a unique attractant, the housefly sex pheromone which lures the flies away from nuisance areas and attracts them to the bait, it can be applied via a spray on or paint on application.

It is best applied at the beginning of warmer seasons before fly populations reach their peak.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fast-knockdown
  • Excellent residual - results visible for 4 - 6 weeks 

Automatic fly aerosol unit

Effective natural pyrethrum dispensing units providing a high quality insect control solution for small or large areas.  

The natural pyrethrum acts as a flying insect killer and a flying insect deterrent and is non-allergenic and odourless as well as being fully MAF and Health Department approved for use in food producing premises.

The units emit a burst of non-allergenic & odourless spray at 15 minute intervals, 24 hours a day or on custom settings as per your fly control needs.   Fully programmable, our units have a wide range of settings to suit any type of environment and level of activity.    With proper installation in the right locations, fly units can be effective across an area of up to ~170cm³. 

  • Suitable for small or large areas
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Fully programmable 

Fly Box

Effectively controlling the number of flies entering a premises the Rentokil Fly Box is a unique fly control unit.  

The unit requires no electricity to work, so is highly flexible in where it can be deployed. If used in conjunction with adequate fly screening it can be pivotal in reducing the risk of flies entering your property.

The lockable metal unit is placed on walls around the external areas of your business i.e. bin and other waste areas. Light coloured walls provide the optimal backdrop to place the unit, with our research demonstrating that 90% of flies migrate to items of black and light coloured contrast. The unit's

backboard is coated in a fast acting insecticide

formulated to attract flies with pheromones, before killing them quickly on contact.

  • Suitable for external fly control
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • Solid metal unit with a secure integrated lock, reduces the risk of pesticide contamination

Fly Bag

The disposable Fly Bag is a plastic bag containing a fly attractant to which you add water causing the attractant to dissolve in the bag. Flies are attracted to the smell of the trap and once inside; they cannot escape and eventually drown in the water added to the trap.

Depending on the degree of your fly problem, the trap can fill up in anywhere from three days to two weeks to several months.

The trap is full when the flies are no longer able to get in because the cone entrance is blocked. The water in the trap will also appear black.

  • Suitable for farms, gardens, around rubbish bins/compost bins
  • Chemical free and easy to use
  • Single trap can catch up to 20,000 flies ecologically

Fly fogging, misting and spraying

Fly populations can sometimes breed into the hundreds, making insecticidal mist or fog ideal for minimising large-scale or severe fly infestations. Fogging and misting treatments involve the release of a powerful insecticide smoke or mist into the atmosphere, penetrating the hardest-to-reach places, killing all flies in its path. Most synthetic pyrethroid sprays have a repellency that lasts for approximately 1 month.

Spray treatments can be used internally or externally with internal treatments focusing on where flies are attracted to - kitchen, dining and living areas and other insect contact areas.     

Externally we treat front and back porches, around windows and under relevant eaves.

  • Suitable for commercial & residential situations
  • Spray treatments have residual effects meaning less flies for longer
  • The nuisance factor of flies is minimised

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