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Lumnia: Commercial fly control

The most innovative and modern fly control solutions designed to effectively attract, kill and encapsulate flying insects, eliminating the risk of contamination.

Flies are one of the most likely causes of reputational damage to your business. There are 120,000 species worldwide that pose a health risk to humans, pets, livestock and goods. Flies can carry diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli — and a small fly problem can very quickly become an infestation. Such health risks can impact your customers, staff and productivity and cause reputational damage to your trade.

Rentokil has created one of the most innovative and modern solutions to combat fly infestations — the Lumnia range of commercial fly control products. Lumnia’s innovative LED insect light traps (ILTs) are the modern solution to an age-old problem — attracting and containing flying insects quickly and securely and keeping them out of sight.



Discreet, effective protection against flies

A comprehensive range of insect light trap (ILT) units, Lumnia has been designed to meet specific business needs across many different sectors, helping combat flying insect infestations in food processing facilities, hotels, supermarkets, warehouses and restaurant environments.  Our Lumnia range boasts a host of leading-edge benefits. 


The power of LED

By using high-attraction LED lamps, Lumnia reaches up to 80% farther than traditional ILTs and catches flies faster than any other LED ILT available*. Lumnia has also proven to have superior performance to other competitor ILTs in the market.

Catches over 18 different types of flying insects

Based on insects caught in real customer environments, Lumnia proves effective in controlling more than 18 different flying insects, including but not limited to house flies, blue bottles, fruit flies, drain flies, SPI moths cluster flies among others.

Reduction in energy costs

Lumnia’s low-energy LED lamps have a three-year life span and save energy by up to 70% — or even up to 79% on Lumnia’s unique adaptive mode setting — compared to equivalent competing products, protecting businesses from flies and their bottom line.

Sustainable fly control

Rentokil’s commitment to sustainability has been recognised by Planet Mark after our Lumnia range demonstrated 62% lower carbon emissions compared to units containing traditional fluorescent lamps.

HACCP approved for hygienic fly management

Ideal for use in food businesses and environments, the Lumnia range has been approved by HACCP in accordance with all requirements under the HACCP International Food Safety Certification Systems.

Versatile, modern design

A range of discreet, highly effective fly control solutions designed to protect and suit every type of business need and environment.


Superior fly control for every environment

Designed for a range of environments to quickly and efficiently reduce the risk of flies, Lumnia was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation 2020 for being the world’s first commercial range of insect light traps that use LED lighting rather than traditional fluorescent tubes, reducing energy usage by up to 70%. No matter how large or small your business, there is a Lumnia unit suited to your needs:


Lumnia Standard

Featuring two LED lamps and a glue board that provides powerful attraction and entrapment, the units are suitable for all business areas. During the five-year product lifecycle, by using Lumnia Standard instead of a competitor product, you save 646kg of CO2 - the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from driving 1,625 miles.

  • Automatically adapts power output from day to night to reduce energy consumption
  • Energy mode can be adjusted between winter and summer settings to reduce energy consumption
  • Room coverage: Up to 144 m²
  • Ideal for back operations such as food processing plants or warehouses

Lumnia Slim

One of the smallest and most stylish insect light traps for front-of-house areas like cafés, bars, restaurants, and hotel receptions. Utilising a single, powerful 10-watt LED lamp that attracts insects from up to 80% farther away than traditional fluorescent tubes. With Lumnia Slim, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by an equivalent of 220 kg of CO2 - the same as driving 550 miles (London to Paris).

  • Available in black or white with light oak sides
  • Room coverage: From 36-100 m²
  • Ideal for front-of-house, customer-facing locations

Lumnia Compact

Designed for relatively low-risk areas in food retail outlets, the Compact has an unobtrusive design available in five colours, perfect for public areas. With Lumnia Compact, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by an equivalent of 220 kg of CO2 - the same as driving 550 miles (London to Paris).

  • Available in silver, black, blue, red, and champagne
  • Room coverage: Up to 36 m²
  • Ideal for back-of-house or front-of-house, customer-facing locations

Lumnia Ultimate

One of the largest units in the range, Lumnia Ultimate boasts 3 LED lamps and an adhesive film inside an encapsulation cassette to trap, collect and contain caught insects, eliminating the risk of secondary infestations from debris. During the five-year product lifecycle, by using Lumnia Ultimate instead of a competitor product, you save 1,525 kg of — equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from driving over 3.950 miles. 

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