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Pest control for food retail businesses

We understand that you have zero tolerance for pests. A supermarket or food store is no place for a pest. Any sign of pest activity can seriously harm your brand and public perception, and pose serious health risks in areas where fresh food is handled.

At Rentokil, our pest control solutions for food retailers provide the reassurance of complete protection from pest problems. Rentokil’s unrivalled reputation for food retail pest control means that we understand the importance of protecting a good brand. Rentokil is your undisputed brand defender.

Rentokil’s pest control solutions for food retail stores

At Rentokil, we have a dedicated high dependency team for all commercial food-handling customers. An expert team of specialist technicians, field biologists, quality assurance managers and technical managers highly specialised in pest control in the food industry. Our accumulated global experience and knowledge of food legislation, sector-specific customer needs and pest control innovation makes Rentokil unmatched acrossNew Zealand and the world. 

Advanced, 24/7 pest control solutions

Digital pest control solutions detect, capture or kill pests and alert our technicians of pest activity. End-to-end digital pest management arms your business with unrivalled pest data, insights and reporting to proactively prevent, monitor and manage pests with new levels of efficiency and control.

Enabling consistency across your stores

With over 203 certified technicians in New Zealand, we provide consistent pest-control solutions across all your retail stores and sites, working to rigorous Standard Operating Procedures and providing reliable, quality service solutions.

A fully integrated, proven approach

We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, to provide the most efficient pest control solutions focussed on pest prevention while ensuring minimal impact to the environment, all whilst delivering unparalleled pest protection for our customers.

Digital pest control

A range of IoT enabled pest management solutions providing commercial customers unrivalled pest data, insights and reporting to proactively prevent and manage pests.

About Rentokil

Our mission is 'Protecting people, enhancing lives.' We do that by creating groundbreaking pest control innovations, by making our service solutions more sustainable and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.