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A centre of innovation, science and technical training

The Power Centre, our Global Research and Development Centre, drives our industry-leading innovations for pest control. Opened in 2017, The Power Centre greatly expanded Rentokil’s research facilities and brought the company’s scientific and technical expertise and renowned training academy under one roof. These combined facilities give Rentokil world-leading capabilities to enhance our leadership in pest control.

Research, development and the scientific expertise that supports these activities have been fundamental to our business since the founding of Rentokil in 1925.

World-class research facilities

Home to one of the largest collections of pest insects in Europe - more than 30 different species including Asian hissing cockroaches, bed bugs, Australian spider beetles and one of the world’s biggest colonies of Pharoaoh ants - the Power Centre features:

  • 1. Culture rooms - Controlled environments to build up understanding of bed bugs and other blood feeding pests. Specialist materials are under development for the control of insects and bed bug monitors, which can provide businesses such as hotels early warning systems to identify bed bug activity.

  • 2. Fly rooms - Research rooms where multiple flies can be released to test the efficacy of new products and innovations.

  • 3. Rodent behaviour pens - Rat and mice pens are used to monitor rodent behaviour for the development of effective detection tools. The Power Centre’s technical capabilities include a video system with software which automatically tracks rodent movements to analyse their behaviour in their natural habitats, movement in ‘hidden areas’ such as partition walls and access to bait boxes.

  • 4. Field work - An important part of the scientific work undertaken by science and innovation specialists at the Power Centre is field work to test new innovations in real environments. This is essential work as part of regulatory approval processes and real-time application and efficacy.



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