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Turning up the heat on bed bugs and insect pest

Bed bugs. Arguably a worthy opponent of any pest controller, and an undeniable nightmare for facilities managers in the hospitality sector. 15% of hospitality businesses say they have spent over $5000 per year controlling or preventing bed bugs in the past two years.

To combat this, Rentokil has developed a non-toxic heat treatment solution effective against bed bugs and insect pest at every stage of the life cycle - all in a single treatment.

What are heat treatments?

Highly effective against bed bugs and  insect pests such as textile pests and cockroaches through a targeted application of heat, heat treatments reaches all areas of an infestation without damage to treated items including furniture and fabrics.

The mobile system delivers dry, targeted and transferable heat to treat infestations without the use of chemicals and is highly suited for businesses such as hotels, guest houses, care homes and domestic properties.

Entotherm heat treatment: How it supports your business

Entotherm provides businesses with an alternative, more effective, solution to control both bed bugs and insect pest compared to conventional forms of pest control such as the use of insecticides. This can be very beneficial for hotels and other businesses, particularly with increasing regulation around the use of pesticides.

Our Entotherm heat treatment solution can support your business through:

Minimal disruption

Single, quick, efficient heat treatment eliminates bed bugs and insect pests typically within half a day. The non-toxic, chemical-free nature of Entotherm allows treated areas to be reused immediately afterwards.

Non-toxic pest control

Chemical and pesticide free, Entotherm is environmentally-friendly and well-suited for use in sensitive environments of food areas, care homes, hotels and hospitals.

Protects brand reputation

From early detection to rapid response, pest problems are rapidly and thoroughly eradicated, ensuring bed bug and insect infestations are promptly contained and managed.

Minimises replacement costs

Entotherm heat treatment can be used on multiple furniture and upholstery items, successfully eradicating bed bugs without causing any damage; saving you costs of disposal and replacement.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Entotherm heat treatment?

    Entotherm is an innovative heat treatment solution offered by Rentokil, using heat as an alternative to pesticides to control insects. With the banning of methyl bromide, and with some growing resistance to insecticide, there is renewed interest in the use of heat for treating pest infestations.

  • Are heat treatments safe?

    Yes, provided the equipment and systems used are correctly monitored. Rentokil have extensive trained expert staff, professional equipment and comprehensive operational and safety procedures.

  • Why is heat an effective control measure for insect pests?

    One of the essential requirements for insect pest to thrive is a suitable temperature. The artificial adjustment of temperature outside of the optimal range for a given pest will exert a controlling influence over them.

  • At what temperature are insect pest killed?

    For practical reasons, insect pest should be exposed to an optimum temperature between 56°C and 60°C. This temperature must be held for a period of time to ensure all life stages of the target insect are killed. The time necessary will depend on the actual temperature that is maintained and the species of insect concerned.

  • How does the increased temperature kill the insects?

    By desiccation - it dries them out. Additionally, essential proteins in the body, such as enzymes are denatured and destroyed.

  • What insects can be treated with heat?

    Whilst the majority of heat treatments will target bed bugs, all types of insects can be treated with heat, including stored product pest, insect pests in food factories and mills, moth and insect infestations in fabric and furniture as well as wood-boring insect pest.



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