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24/7 digital pest control and monitoring

An innovative, digital pest control solution designed to protect businesses which are legally required to adhere to specific legislations, meet strict auditing compliance or have high value assets to protect; PestConnect is a system of connected devices which detect, capture or eliminate a variety of pests.

Traps, bait stations and monitoring units developed with leading infrared and wireless technology deliver superior monitoring, rapid response and unrivalled round-the-clock pest control protection.

PestConnect: Digital pest control systems for superior monitoring and management

PestConnect works independently and discreetly, without impact to your business network or machinery, providing:

Proactive pest monitoring

PestConnect provides businesses continuous, round-the-clock pest monitoring. The pest control devices in the Connect family employs leading infrared technology to proactively monitor your premises 24/7, 365 days a year.


Real-time alerts

As soon as a connected unit is triggered, the device sends an alert to Rentokil with the time and location of the pest activity.

A pest activity notification is sent to you at the same time, via our online customer portal, myRentokil.


Rapid response pest control

A local Rentokil pest control technician will be in contact to schedule a service visit at a time of your convenience to investigate the pest activity and make follow up recommendations.


Online reporting and analysis

All pest activity and service history is recorded on our online customer portal, myRentokil. This provides you with 24/7 accessible, real-time, information including risk assessments, recommendations and trends, offering complete transparency to support third-party compliance audits.


Optimisation through smart data

During every service visit, your Rentokil pest control technician will survey the premises to identify any signs of potential infestations and provide comprehensive recommendations around preventive pest management for a zero-tolerance approach to pest




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