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Pest control for educational facilities

Schools of any kind should always be places where students and staff feel safe. Pests can disrupt that environment in seconds, causing more than just a sanitation issue. The consequences for educational facilities – private or public – that fail to report or respond quickly to pest infestation can be swift, damaging and long-lasting. Below are just a few of the negative impacts pests can have on your educational facility:

  • Classroom disruption
  • High student absentee rates and decreased enrollment
  • Complaints from parents and guardians
  • Forced reduction of tuition or boarding fees

Rentokil takes great pride in working with schools and universities to keep them protected from pests.

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Common pests in schools

Pests can enter through structural gaps or make their way in on supply deliveries, as well as on the personal belongings of students and staff. Bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, ants, and birds can infest food service and cafeteria areas, dormitories, classrooms, engineering plants, computer server rooms, and more. Some of the most frequent pest concerns in educational facilities are:

Birds - Most school grounds have open courtyards, outdoor eating areas and typically overflowing garbage cans and dumpsters, causing birds to loiter for food scraps. Rentokil offers effective, humane solutions to deter pest birds from your school. Our line of services and products include aesthetically compatible exclusion devices, trapping, and more.

Rodents - Mice and rats can infest cafeteria areas, dormitories, classrooms, engineering plants, computer server rooms, and more. ​​Rodents can cause allergic reactions, contaminate food supplies, and damage structures and learning equipment. From our Multi Rodent Trap Connect to other non-toxic control methods, our services can be customized to address your school’s unique pressures.

Bed bugs - Once in a dorm or classroom, bed bugs can quickly spread, creating a major disruption for students. With Rentokil's bed bug control solutions, you can safely and effectively eliminate a bed bug issue in as little as 4 hours with our PROTECT+ System.

Flies - Students are constantly coming in and out of entrances and exits on campus, so a fly issue is a common occurrence for schools and universities. With specialized treatment protocols for addressing any species of fly, along with a proprietary product line of electric Insect Fly Traps, Rentokil has a solution for even the toughest fly problems.

Preventative pest control for schools and universities

With a Rentokil integrated pest management program in place, you can have peace of mind that your school or university is protected against pests. Part of this approach is pest prevention through setting up traps and monitoring devices in and around your campus. Additionally, our Specialists will advise your team on proper sanitation methods to prevent pest issues from becoming a full-blown infestation. Simple steps such as consistently cleaning classrooms and making sure the vegetation around your school is well landscaped, will discourage pests from invading.

Another key component of pest prevention is limiting pests’ ability to enter your building. We will make sure to seal up any potential entry points where insects and rodents can gain entry, as well as replace screens on entryways, seal up holes and cracks, and fix defective pipes and drains. All of these steps can help save your school from the costly repairs and treatments that come with an out-of-control pest infestation.

Additional office services

Odor management systems can improve working conditions in areas where strong odors are prevalent.

Drain line services

Rentokil’s Drain Line Service can increase your drain flow capacity, reduce drain-related odors, drain fly breeding sites and more.

Remove weeds or unwanted plants around your property with our Vegetation Management Service.

The Rentokil advantage

Protecting your people and your property: At Rentokil, we take an integrated pest management approach, meaning with every service we carry out we are committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions that are uniquely tailored to your specific business.

Multiple locations, multiple pests: Does your business have several locations? With our National Accounts program, you are able to work with a single contact for all pest control-related issues instead of having to interact with multiple companies.

Trackable success: Rentokil customers have access to PestNetOnline, our industry-leading online pest control reporting tool. The application is safe, reliable and easily accessible, making it appropriate for recording, storing and auditing valuable information at any of your locations.

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