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Today, data drives business. Having oversight of your pest control program’s results can help you make important decisions around audit or regulatory readiness, facility maintenance, storage, employee training, policy development, and even capital expenditures.

As regulatory, audit, production, and premise requirements become more stringent, it is increasingly crucial for businesses to stay in control of their pest management programs and understand and use the data generated by them.

Introducing PestNetOnline

PestNetOnline is Rentokil’s proprietary online data management system. This robust system provides full service transparency over the health of your commercial pest control program’s results.  

Whether you manage multiple facilities or run an independent operation, PestNetOnline provides the actionable data you need in a streamlined, easy-to-use system. With an interactive dashboard, you can manage and close the loop on sanitation, structural and storage recommendations; view trends or drill into specific areas and pests; or select from a full-suite of audit-compliant reports.

Get an at-a-glance overview of pest conditions at your locations

Close the loop on structural, sanitation, and equipment recommendations

Access audit-compliant documentation

Produce charts and reports for internal use

Trend your data to track the health of your facility

Get proof of service reports

Review materials used in your location

Easily monitor location performance

Your complete online pest management system

  • Peace-of-mind - With PestNetOnline, you can monitor what’s happening with your pest control program at all times at every one of your locations.

  • Structured for multiple sites - PestNetOnline is designed for hierarchy access to provide organizations with multiple facilities the ability to give the right people access to information.

  • Always available - PestNetOnline is available 24/7 and is fully optimized for mobile compatibility – just download the app to manage your data on the go, from any device.

  • Interactive and customizable - From the interactive site plan that allows you to visually identify at-risk areas to customizable reports, you’re in control of how you view your data.

  • Safe and secure - PestNetOnline uses the latest proven data encryption and security methods to ensure your data is protected.

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