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Specialist services

Rentokil experts are renowned for delivering highly effective and locally-tailored pest control solutions to businesses and commercial properties throughout the United States. In addition to our core pest control services, we offer a range of specialist services, such as vegetation management for unruly plants and weeds, drain line services, and odor management, all designed to enhance and maintain your property's appearance and your brand experience.

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Odor management

Odor management

Scent is an important factor for your business because it is proven to be closely linked to memory. Whatever aroma patrons take in when they are at your establishment will affect their experience — negatively or positively. In addition, foul odors can attract rodents and insects, causing even more issues.

With GENIE Max, Rentokil’s revolutionary odor management system, you get peace of mind that your building has a pleasant scent at all times. GENIE Max uses science-backed technology to neutralize odor molecules in environments of all sizes.

Garden plants

Vegetation management

Unwanted vegetation or “weeds” on your property can not only make your property unattractive to visitors, but it can also be an invitation for pests. Uncontrolled vegetation can create safety hazards by increasing the risk of fires and health risks from poisonous plant species.

Rentokil provides tailored solutions and services to tame out-of-control plants around your property. Our experts will carry out a detailed on-site assessment of your property before proposing a discreet, tailored solution to protect the integrity of your building. We aim to provide season-long control of any unwanted vegetation, even in sensitive areas such as ditch banks, schools and parks.

Drain line service

Drain line services and bioremediation

Did you know that pests can use drains to access your business? Kitchen and bathroom drains left full of food particles, grease, fats, and oils are like a dinner bell for pests. Drains that are slow to drain or back up can cause standing water, release foul odors, and lead to costly repairs.

Rentokil’s bioremediation services and solutions offer advanced drain line protection tailored to your facility’s unique needs.  Bioremediation introduces beneficial bacteria to convert fats, oils, and grease into environmentally responsible by-products, keeping your drains free-flowing and benefiting long-term drain health.

Our national accounts program works with multi-location businesses to develop the most efficient and cost effective pest solutions.

Discover the Rentokil difference

In addition to these services, Rentokil is the expert in keeping people and businesses safe from the dangers of harmful bacteria, poor air quality, and pest infestations. Our mission today is the same as it has always been: to protect people and enhance lives.

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