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Odor management for businesses

Unpleasant odors on your property, whether indoor or outdoor, detract from your brand experience, attract unwanted pests, and ultimately drive people away.

93% of Americans say a foul odor negatively impacts their perception of an organization.

Below are just a few examples of the negative effects that foul odors can have on your business:

  • Unclean or unhygienic perception
  • Customer and employee complaints
  • Loss of customer business and trust
  • Employee absenteeism or turnover
  • Friction with neighboring properties
  • Damage to your brand reputation

Stop foul odors emanating from trash, soiled linens, or high traffic areas from disrupting your business with GENIE Max and Defender Pro from Rentokil, our radically effective odor management solutions that neutralize odors.

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What are common sources of foul odors

Indoor and outdoor garbage areas including trash chutes, dumpsters, and compactors

Parking garages

Loading docks and receiving areas

GENIE Max: a tailored solution for the toughest odors

Rentokil’s GENIE Max is an advanced odor management system designed to attack even the toughest odors. Fueled by science-backed technology that uses micron-sized droplets and two patented fresh scents to neutralize odors, GENIE Max operates by air tubing. This method reduces maintenance concerns encountered with competitor systems such as electricity requirements, making it a great complement to LEED and other green building standards.

This advanced technology works in spaces of all sizes. It can be customized to treat as many as four unique spaces with a single control panel – up to 600,000 total cubic feet with only one unit. Programmable for time and intensity dispersal, GENIE Max’s flexibility makes it easy to conduct odor management at the time and levels appropriate for your business.

Learn more about earning LEED credits with the GENIE Max Odor Management System here >>

Defender Pro: a simple, no-frills solution for big odors

Defender Pro is a simple, safe and non-toxic solution for big odor problems. This hanging odor counteractant is encased in a special, mesh sock that works quickly to effectively deodorize spaces such as trash rooms, boiler and utility areas, janitorial closets, sewers, elevator shafts, and industrial environments. It is suitable for outdoor use in some areas, as well.


Defender Pro benefits:

  • Comes with built-in mounting loops for fast and easy installation
  • Lasts for 30 - 45 days
  • Reduces pest-attracting odors
  • Deodorizes spaces of up to 650 feet
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 scents for your preference
Defender Pro

Professionally serviced odor control for your peace of mind

Contrary to popular market claims, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for odors. Your business, products and services, and odor problems are all unique, so you need a tailored solution that takes a host of factors into account.

Your odor-free experience begins with an airflow test conducted by our professionals to ensure the most effective placement of your GENIE Max system or Defender Pro. Then, from installation to routine maintenance and cartridge replacement, you can count on the experts at Rentokil to service your system for continuous odor management.

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Odor management best practices

Learn the impact of bad odors on your business and download our Odor Management Best Practices card for odor issue prevention tips.